Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hospitality is Commanded Y'all

And since I do my best to obey The Word, I'm inviting you over to my place. After Boomama asked for a list of suitable books to peruse (and you gave her, I don't know, a gazillion or so to choose from)I commented that she should do an online book club of sorts. After all, I love book clubs, but rarely actually get to go.

Blah, blah, blah; e-mails back and forth; I'm hosting the first book club! And just so we all know, I am quite sure I will completely destroy Mr. Linky or the oh so adorable Book Club Button. So, bear with me--K? Below you will indeed see, very prayerfully as I hit "publish", the button.

(I'm the svelte short haired blond in the middle in case you were wondering. Well, except that I have red hair now. I don't care. I'm still her.)

The plan is to meet back here on March 9th to discuss in any manner you see fit, our first book, Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore. I'm in a bit of Beth withdrawal after having finished the Breaking Free Bible Study about the time we moved to Oklahoma.

There you have it! It could very well just be Boomama and myself discussing the book. At which point I guess I will just call her and talk about it over the phone rather than just commenting back and forth on each other's blogs. Because that would just seem silly, right?

Everyone can bring their own snacks if that's okay. I would normally provide, but can't afford that FedEx bill. See ya next month. And for a more substantial post on the matter head to Boo's.


Susie said...

Count me in. I've wanted to pick the book up, but now I have more reason to just do it. I am going to a Satelite simulcast of Beth's next weekend where the title is "Get Out of That Pit" which I'm assuming is based on that book. This sounds like fun!

Clemntine said...

I'm in. My daughter and I are doing Beth's Living Beyond Yourself study together, and enjoying it very much.

As I've been in feeling "in the pits" lately, I believe this is a timely recommendation. See you on March 9!

Michelle said...

Count em in. That book was one I had picked up with some after Christmas money and I started it a few weeks back! Look forward to chatting on the 9th. I would be the redhead as I have long red hair, although I don't wear glasses- I'll pretend.

Jennifer said...

Hi Robin-

This idea is a great one! I can't wait to get the book. I'll be sure to check in with you on the 9th.

Thanks for hosting!


ThoughtfulMom said...

I am looking forward to reading this book!

I don't know where in OK you are, but we just started A Heart Like His at a church in Bixby. Still joinable - Tuesdays at 9:30 with childcare - comment on my blog if you are interested. :)

Blessed Assurances said...

Count me in! I have been meaning to read this book! What fun..

ThoughtfulMom said...

Darn it - your town and my town are too far apart for you to join us. :)

Clemntine said...

Hey! I got your comment/invitation.

Email me at hmschlmama(at)yahoo(dot)com

janjanmom said...

Count me in, seems like I made my way out of one pit only to fall headlong into another.

Tricia said...

Count me in too!

Barb said...

The button is cute as a, well, a button! And somehow I doubt it will just be the two of you chatting about the first book. This is a great idea and I like the casualness of it.

jewlsntexas said...

Okay - I wasn't sure that I was going to do the book discussion. But today I was at Sam's and picked up the book and had to bring it home. If I'm going to read it - I might as well discuss it, right? Does the March 9th mean we should have the book done by then?
Okay - and also - are you sharing the button to put on our blogs and invite other women?
You just moved to OK? From where?
I just moved to TX from WV in May of last year - but we just bought our house at the end of Sept. in a town an hour away from where we were all summer. Anyhow - I am only an hour and a half from Beth Moore's church where she has speaking engagements sometime - I am determined to go and see her in person. I've been to conferences before in Baltimore and Washington DC - but can't wait to see her in Houston!

Anonymous said...

I found you via LPM blog, via Boomama and am so excited you are from Oklahoma. ME TOO!! Southwest part of the start so about 2 hours. I would love to do the book thing. I finished Get ouf of that Pit and have already shared with a friend.
Love, me :)

FLCATXOK said...

Hello, can anyone join this book club???? I mean I don't actually know anyone of you but have been enjoying reading the blogs. I have that BM book and would like to participate......I am also a Texan in OKlahoma. I have been here for almost four years but still miss Texas.

FLCATXOK said...

Thank you, yes it is kind of a weird sceenname. It is the abbreviations of all the states I have lived in.

~Betty~ @ On the Journey to Victory said...

I just checked this book out at our church library. I have never been in a book club before, but I'm up to try this.

Thanks for the idea. I am going to enjoy this book.


{Karla} said...

I am ALL OVER this!! My husband just got the book for me last week (like I said to BooMama, you think he was trying to tell me something????!!!??)

Thanks for hosting this!


Charis said...

I am so in! The simulcast was today, and God was all over the place. I am about halfway through the book. Looking forward to hearing how God moved in everyone's hearts through it!