Friday, January 12, 2007

Time for a Change

So much is about to change here in the Storch Household. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we are moving to Oklahoma City to begin working with It is a decision we've prayed about so much and know it is God's will for our family. And with this change comes another. I am going back to work.

As a teacher, I always figured I would go back to the classroom at some point. I believe I have chalk dust and red ink running through my veins. I didn't think it would be until Mini-T was starting school in a couple of years. But sometimes God's plans are not our own and His usually work out better for me, so I am just going to be obedient.

I have interviewed for a position and should receive word today on whether or not I have it. It's in between part time and full time which will help me ease back into the whole "not being a stay at home mom" thing anymore. Which leads me to another change...

I think I would like to change the name of my blog...again. I have also decided now is the perfect time to get Susie to help me with a new design. After all, part of the proceeds will benefit Kelli who Boomama is doing some "lovin' on" right now. I'm all for helping! And a cute new blog skin won't be too bad either. =)

So, would you internets** please give me some suggestions for a my blog? I would be ever so grateful for your creativity.

**I have decided that Boomama could indeed publish her own dictionary with her useful blogging phrases. However, on her blog those phrases seem fun and sassy. Reading them on mine...not so much sassy.


Addie said...

Hey You!!!

Speaking of name changes, I had someone come to my site yesterday by googling "My Life As A Stay At Home Mom (and your hubs full name)" They were from Chicago. I'm sure they didn't find you because your name has changed in my links now. So someone in the windy city is trying to track you down. :-)

OK, I have a bit of an idea for your blog. If you wanted to go with the whole teaching theme, you could have Susie do a background that resembled a chalkboard, and the sidebar could have a chalk sort of font. You could do a play on the words "baseboard" (housework) and "chalkboard" (teaching).
As in "Cleaning Baseboards and Chalkboards" Or "From Baseboards to Chalkboards"

Hard to believe I just dole out these great ideas for free, huh? ;-)

I'm really excited for you guys, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about this cool move!

BooMama said...

See, Addie's idea is way better than mind. I just keep looking at this pretty robin's egg blue, and I think, oh, it's "Robin's Nest."

GET IT? :-)

Let me know about the job...praying for y'all.

BooMama said...

Or, you know, MINE.

What was that about a dictionary?

Lori Bailey said...

I think Robin's Nest is nice! We are praying for you and Terry and excited to see all that God is going to do in and through your lives. And I hope you are more prolific than me as a blogging working mother, because it would be great to keep up with your new adventures!


Paulette said...

I love your attitude about just being obedient to God's will. I hope you like Oklahoma city. My best friends lived there for 3 years in the ministry and liked it alot. I have been there for visits.
May God richly bless you for being in his will.
Don't you just love our famous Boomama. She can talk about jeans in a post and get tons of comments!! Me? not so much either lol

Rebekah said...

First, Congrats for Hubby on his new opportunity!

Second, I can totally understand the whole going back to work before you had planned to. I, too, had wanted to wait until my youngest was in K or 1st but God said, "Nope. Now." So, I'm working. But what is so cool is that because I did obey Him and began my career...within 6 months my husband was offered a dream job with Avant Ministries. Mind you, dream job does not equal dream pay, so my job has brought in exactly what we needed to make ends meet. Isn't God amazing!??! Too freakin' cool.

The whole name thing...I'm likin' Ad's idea. But the Robin's Nest thing is cute too. Hmmm? Decisions.

Big Mama said...

I have to say that I like Boomama's idea of Robin's Nest, but Addie's is good too. It just depends on what you're thinking you want it to look like.

See how creative I am? I have nothing.

Addie said...

Oh, goodness "Robin's Nest". I like that one!!!

Susie said...

I say definitely see "Robin's Nest". It is so personal sounding. I really like Boomama's too. Very clever, yes, go with "Chalkboards to Baseboards." Wait, maybe something about city girl meets farmgirl. Okay nevermind, I got nothing. Sorry.

I think we will definitely see you blogging more from Oklahoma. Just a hunch, but I bet God is going to do some amazing things in your life.

Clemntine said...

Robin! Edmond?! I'm jumping up and down and waving...can you see me?

Oh, right, we're supposed to make suggestions for your blog. I think it's nice just as it is. For some goofball reason, I can't even log on to mine since I did the Blogger/Google thing, and now that I have this nifty new computer and so very much to say, I'm struck mute by "username and password do not match".

Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood. LifeChurch is a great place. I grew up in its former incarnation, MetroChurch, and I have a number of friends who are, as we refer to them locally, "Lifers."

Barb said...

Never fear, Robin. You're sassy.

Boy, you ARE facing a big change. But I suspect you'll handle it just fine.

Excited about your new name and new look although I don't have any helpful suggestions. I'll just wait and be surprised.

I'm looking forward to reading about these new adventures you're about to have.

Jan said...

Hey! I live in Oklahoma City! I just found you by way of BooMama, my favorite blogger. I have lots and lots of friends at LifeChurch. You're just going to love it here. Did you get the job? I'm interested to know where you're teaching!

I hope we meet someday! And if BooMama comes to visit, let's all get together!