Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ecclesiastes 7:14

This verse resonated with me during the service this weekend:

"When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad consider: God has made the one as well as the other."

Often times it is how I react to the bad times that will be a testament to my walk with Christ. (My reaction isn't always that great by the way!)

Happy Monday!

Everything is OK! (Pun Intended)

If had written this post last Sunday, my tone would have been one of a beaten down and frustrated mommy. The girls and I had taken all we could carry in my mini-van and arrived the previous Wednesday only to find out that another snowstorm carrying 8"-12" of snow and ice was likely and knowing we would only get to visit with T for one night before he flew off to Chicago and back to Dallas for a few days.

I was, however, thankful to get here in one piece and that T was here to help me unload my van since it was a solid sheet of 8" ice where a sidewalk would normally be. (Crocs have amazing traction in the ice just in case you ever need that little tidbit of info.)

So to quickly recap the first few days, which I am not at all bitter about:

Bad: Wallet with driver's license and cash and credit cards stolen.
Good: Terry hadn't left town yet, so he brought another card to the apt. so we could you know, get groceries and not starve while he was gone.

Bad: Couldn't get new Oklahoma DL without my old one or my birth certificate, social security card, and marriage certificate
Good: Terry was going to be in Dallas anyway and was able to bring them all back!

Bad: Couldn't get a pediatrician to see Mini-me for her last few shots so she could start school.
Good: Oklahoma Department of Health. They did it and for free! They didn't even mind Mini-me screaming like we were pulling her arms off of her body before, during and after.

Bad: Tiny apartment with a very bright light outside our bedroom window to illuminate the building number.
Good: It's much easier to clean 1100 sq feet of space, and I am adjusting to the bright room at night. Also, I am realizing how much of our stuff we don't really need and how much I will appreciate our new home when it is finished.

Good, good, good: We went to church last Sunday as a family. And since T's day off is now Saturday, we get to go as a family every week on Saturday nights. And, I love it!

We've had a few bumps along the way, but God has taken care of them all. I still have moments when I wish we were back in Dallas. I miss my friends and my leisure time. But I am at such a peace knowing we are right where we are supposed to be. It may not be what I would have chosen, but I have a feeling I will look back a year from now and won't be able to imagine my life any other way.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

I had planned on getting a lot of packing done today. I figured no realtor in their right mind would bring people by any one's home to show it when the "freeze line" of 32 degrees has been steadily making it's way across DFW all day turning rain into ice and making roads unsafe.

I figured wrong.

At 12:30 Centalized Showing called to let me know a realtor wanted to show the house between 1 and 2. Up to this point in the day I had allowed the girls to play with every toy, crayon, piece of paper and pair of shoes in the house unchecked. It was all out and all over the place. I had not made one bed. Clean laundry was in the middle of the living room floor waited to be folded. And, I had a pot of noodles on the stove in preparation for the good ole mac and cheese for lunch standby. Basically, one big mess. And all of us were in our jammies.

I almost cancelled, but knew better. So, I just sounded really irritated (because I thought it would make me feel better) and said, "Sure why not." At this point I began the fastest cleaning up of the house I have EVER DONE IN MY LIFE. I threw things in the oven, dishwasher, closets, garage, washer and dryer. Reia made her bed and cleaned up her toys. God bless her.

In the middle of the cleaning, I am trying to keep my eye on the noodles so they don't over cook and I can finish the lunch plans after they leave. I get them off the stove and into the strainer and keep the speed cleaning going.

As I begin the process of turning on all of the lights and spraying the Febreeze (our house is old and when it rains, it smells really old thanks to pier and beam foundation), I realize Mini-T has made herself comfortable over the noodles and has been pouring the dish washing liquid all over them. Why, oh why does she do this to me? And that's about when the showing pulls up.

So, I grab two juice boxes, dump the noodles in the trash, throw the pan into the washer, and out the door we go. Still in jammies of course.

Wanna know how long they stayed? 12 minutes. We prayed in the car that if this house was for them, they would know it right away. Maybe all it took was 12 minutes. (From my blog to God's ears. So to speak.)

Ok, just had to share how we are dealing with the weather. Exciting, huh.

On a side note Mini-T just walked in the office, handed me a piece of paper and walked out shouting, "Bye Mommy. Tiiiiime." Which is toddler talk for "Bye mommy. Have a good time."
I'm sure I will. =)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

BIrthday Fun

Since Mini-me's birthday is Christmas Eve we normally have her party in January. Today, she and several of her friends went to the beauty salon for the works. Hair, fingers, toes and makeup. All dressed up in their princess finest (even in the 30 degree pouring down rainy weather) they sat patiently as they were treated like royalty.

Here they are afterwards.

Reia and her birthday cake, by none other than The Sweet Diva! (I promise she's not one of my best friends just because of this amazing talent.)

(Yep, that's a little pizza sauce on her face that mommy missed before picture time. Not shown is me setting the cake on fire. That's another story for another time.)

A Little Belated Christmas Cheer

So we live fairly close to a very hoity toity neighborhood, and while out driving around with a friend and our kids, she took us by this house with the most elaborate Christmas decorations I had ever seen. There was music being piped in all over the grounds and the whimsical decorations moved back and forth or up and down.

My niece is in this first picture and she is probably almost 5 feet or more to give you an idea of how large these pieces are. (I try not to think about it since she is just about taller than me and she's 10.)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Time for a Change

So much is about to change here in the Storch Household. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we are moving to Oklahoma City to begin working with It is a decision we've prayed about so much and know it is God's will for our family. And with this change comes another. I am going back to work.

As a teacher, I always figured I would go back to the classroom at some point. I believe I have chalk dust and red ink running through my veins. I didn't think it would be until Mini-T was starting school in a couple of years. But sometimes God's plans are not our own and His usually work out better for me, so I am just going to be obedient.

I have interviewed for a position and should receive word today on whether or not I have it. It's in between part time and full time which will help me ease back into the whole "not being a stay at home mom" thing anymore. Which leads me to another change...

I think I would like to change the name of my blog...again. I have also decided now is the perfect time to get Susie to help me with a new design. After all, part of the proceeds will benefit Kelli who Boomama is doing some "lovin' on" right now. I'm all for helping! And a cute new blog skin won't be too bad either. =)

So, would you internets** please give me some suggestions for a my blog? I would be ever so grateful for your creativity.

**I have decided that Boomama could indeed publish her own dictionary with her useful blogging phrases. However, on her blog those phrases seem fun and sassy. Reading them on mine...not so much sassy.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pokey Balls, Dog Poo, Before and After

Well, as some of you know, T has taken a position with Lifechurch in Oklahoma and now our house is on the market. Yes, we have only been in it for a year. And as much as I love the large gorgeous trees, the one in the backyard drops bazillions of pokey balls (as I call them) all over the yard.

Since they tend to look a little unsightly when people come to see the house, Reia and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather on Monday and pick them up. Needless to say, it took several hours and my hamstrings were aching as soon as I was done. The first picture is of our yard before the yard work which I constituted as working out for the day.

This is Mini-me "helping". I actually bribed her with chocolate. After about 15 min, she said, "Let's pretend this is a bag of strawberries and I am getting them from the store (the playhouse)." At that point I pretty much lost her interest in just picking them up as quickly as possible and they became every kind of fruit she could think of and some she just made up.

And this is the after picture. I also found quite a bit of dog poo in the yard, so I picked that up too. I know. Riveting. I was wearing gloves just in case you were really grossed out by that last little tid-bit of info. But doesn't it look so much better? Of course, two days later the yard looks just like the before pic. I think about 5000 still hang in the tree waiting on a strong wind.