Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Birthday!

When Reia was a little over 2 and I was newly pregnant with Reese we had a fabulous snow that kept everyone home. As we walked over to my friend Holly's house, it was naturally very cold. I was trying to get there as soon as possible and looked behind to see Reia lagging a bit.

"Reia honey, come on a little faster."
"But Mommy, I still wittle."

And indeed she was. I felt bad and picked her up so we could get to our destination sooner. I look back at that brief conversation and wish I could freeze her sweet little two year old self when it was just her and me during the day. It has gone by all too quickly.

Today she turned five. She is so independent. She can make her own lunch if need be, dress herself, work the Tivo and computer, and is becoming a very good little reader. I can't believe how much she has grown. Because she was born on Christmas eve I always think about how Mary felt on Jesus' birthday every year. A year older, a year closer to making the ultimate sacrifice for me...and Reia.

It makes me thank God that I have had the joy of being her mother for the past five years, and thankful that God doesn't let us in on what is ahead. That I have to trust Him to be her father and care for her in every way I can think of and many I can't.

So, Happy Birthday sweet girl. May God bless you and keep you His.

Reia at her 3rd Birthday party. When I brought Reese home she seemed so big, but now that I look back...


Barb said...

She's beautiful, Robin. She really is a beautiful little girl.

Happy, happy birthday to her.

And Merry Christmas to all of you.

Theresa said...

My, how she has grown...I'm sure I'll be thinking the same thing when Victoria turns five next year.

Happy Birthday Reia! We Miss you!

Anonymous said...


Reia is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe she turned 5, I was thinking 4 and her 3rd b-day was like the other day. Dawson's future wife is so sweet and pretty. I showed him the pic and he gave me a hug like he seemed to miss her-which we very much do. I also can't believe christmas is over. boo
I'll talk to you soon.

p.s. I tried to comment on the other post and it never showed up. I'm so computer illiterate. Sherry met Renee Zellweger at Starbucks on christmas eve. She said she was very,very nice.

BooMama said...

She is just beautiful. I know you are one proud mama....

PEZmama said...

I know, I am reading AND commenting on a blog? What can I say, the planets must have come into proper alignment.

But I missed you and wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.

And, oh my that child is beautiful! That is a really great picture of her.