Tuesday, December 19, 2006

For Amy (AKA Boomam's Holiday Tour)

My friend Amy and I used to start talking about when to start thinking about decorating for Christmas in about, oh say, July. We would take our pilgrimages to Hobby Lobby and scope out the newest treats for our homes and walk down to one another's house every time something was added to the Christmas spectacular that was our home.

Since we moved I don't get to call her to come and check out how this or that new wreath and ribbon. Or what a good deal I got on this box of beautiful ornaments. So, even though I should be doing this for Boomama's Holiday Tour (I can't get the button to work anyway), I am putting my holiday pics up for Amy. Miss ya!!!

This is the new tree in our front room. I know the pic is blurry (I seem to be having digital camera "issues" lately.) We just put Martha's "shatter proof" ornaments on this year. What Ms. Stewart means by shatter proof is PLASTIC. They are covered in glitter and quite lovely. You will notice the row sitting in the window sill. That would be from Mini-T. Which is why we have shatter proof.

The rest of the pics are in a very random order thanks to blogger not being that user friendly on moving them around.

I originally wanted to collect snowmen cookie jars. But they take up a lot of space in storage. So I have one and it looks just lovely on my hutch/bar area. Don't you think?

This is our regular ole tree. The ornaments were dispersed nicely at the beginning. But Mini-T has been rearranging them from day one. Please excuse any bare spots.

This wreath was my splurge this year. Well, sort of. I waited for Hob Lob to have 1/2 off wreaths and voila! A 36 in pre-lit wreath. Looks nice even though we're missing a mantle.

This is the staircase. I have always wanted lighted garland up the staircase, and now I have it. The stockings are hung by the staircase with care in hopes that Santa won't notice we don't have a mantle this year. You'll also see our nativity there. We have several. I just love them and would like one for every room of the house some day. You will also notice all of the lovely gold bows my MIL made for me at Thanksgiving this year. She's a peach I tell ya.

I guess that's about it. We have a tree in Reia's room this year too, but it's pretty old and will be tossed this year. I'm really like trees, but I think T is limiting me to 3. Oh well.

Ya'll have a very Merry Christmas. May He bring you much peace and joy in 2007.


Laura said...

I love your tree in the front room, its magnificent and shatterproof sparkly ornaments? Now that is awesome! Ohh, and I love the garland up the staircase!
Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

Wow, and wrapped presents under the tree! You're way ahead of me :)

Robin said...

Yes, I am all DONE as of 7 pm tonight. Well, with the wrapping. The baking will commence tomorrow!

Big Mama said...

I love both trees! And the garland on the banister is beautiful! Happy baking.

Susie said...

Everything looks beautiful Robin. I love the big tree, the staircase, the cookie jar, and...like I said everything! I don't know how you do it with two little ones and homeschooling. Do you have a Wonderwoman suit hanging in your closet?

Addie said...

I can vouch for the fact that you were thinking about decorating back in July!

Your home looks beautiful! I waited for that same 1/2 off sale at Hobby Lobby on Wreaths too! I bought one for our front door. :D Can I tell you how much I wish I had bought those shatter proof bulbs. Babby Spice has already broken a few of our ornaments as well. Thankfully nothing to important!

Merry Christmas Girl!

Sarakastic said...

I love the stockings on the stairs! Your home is gorgeous thanks for having me over.

Carol said...

Everything looks wonderful. I love, love, love your splurge wreath over the fire place.

Thanks for stopping by She Lives and for your words of encouragement.

Merry Christmas!

Barb said...

You have a beautiful home, Robin. And it's wonderful the way you've decorated your banister and your fireplace. Christmas everywhere and it's just lovely.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.