Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Treading Water

My friend, Julie, is doing a Bible Study on discipleship. Yesterday she was giving me a glimpse into what the study was all about and part of the discussion led to this topic: most Christians aren't discipled and don't disciple others because so many of us are just trying to stay afloat, treading water in our walk.

I agreed with the study and went on. Until later when I realized I couldn't stop thinking about that comment. And you know what? I don't even think most Christians see it--the treading of water. Never making any progress toward an intended goal of being more Christlike and helping others along that same path.

Why are we happy with the status quo? Is it the fear of the unknown? The unknown being what will happen in our lives if we begin, and truly begin, to work at our relationship with Christ. Praying--without ceasing; studying His word; asking Him to reveal what His will is even if it means major and maybe painful changes in our own lives. What are we unwilling to give up? Could be a lot by worldly standards; could be nothing

I don't know the answer. I do know that I fall into this lull, if you will, of being okay with where I am. But deep down, I know I want more. To be more like Him.

But He didn't tread; He walked on water.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Don't Spit at Me

Of all of the things I have going on right now, homeschooling, the Breaking Free Bible Study, trying to be a generally fabulous wife and mother, you'd think I'd be posting about something more important than Studio 60.

The fact is, (now, this is the "Don't Spit at Me" title portion of my post) it is better than Grey's. At least in terms of quick witted writing style. I love it. Unfortuately, I may be the only one that does it seems. Well, me and my friend Michelle who told me that NBC has only ordered 3 more months of 60 and Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were splitting in the same conversation. I was so devestated by both pieces of information that I had to get off the phone and regain my composure. Seriously, ask her. (Yes, Sarah, I still need to go visit Dr. Cude.)

So, I'm going to write NBC a letter or email at the least. I doubt it will do much good, but at least I can say I tried. And next week, when Studio 60 is back for at least 3 episodes, please check it out.

**On a side note regarding the article if you cliked on 60, how is it that CSI:Miami receives more viewers than 60 with David Caruso being the worst actor I think I ever seen with the worst lines ever written?

***I so dislike it when I re-read a post after I have published it and find a gazillion errors. Sorry!