Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who's Your Rockstar?

I am going to go out there and say that I think Toby is going to be the new front man for SuperNova. Just a hunch. Three weeks ago, I would have said Dilana, but I'm pretty sure she blew it with her female drama. If you haven't been watching--you've been missing out!


theresa said...

So funny I was just going to blog about this tonight! I'm watching it right now...and you just blew it - because they were getting ready to announce who was going to give the encore, and after reading your post I figured out it was going to be Toby since you posted that.

Guess that's what I get for watching and blogging at the same time :)

I'm still undecisive - I think Magni and Lucas still have a shot if they don't screw up. I agree though, Dilani blew it doing her Press Interview!

Carol said...

You're right. Dilana showed she caves under pressure. If the band's (Tommy Lee's) antics are ever scrutinized by the media, would she be able to handle it and not let it affect her performance night after night? Doesn't look like it.

It's obvious the Super Nova guys really like Toby. He's fun and has an energy that appeals to the audience. I know they're also taking the song writing potential into consideration (another area where Dilana was weak).

I like Magni best, but not for that band.

Glad to find anothe Rock Star junkie to swap notes with!

Kristie Vinson said...

I AM SO GLAD YOU WROTE!!! I miss reading your blogs. Toby, my Australian hunk is sure to least the hearts of many chicas!

Susie said...

She's Back!!! And it's not fair because I have no idea who the contestants are this year. I'm still commenting anyway just so I can say, "Hi!" I miss your posts:(

Addie said...

Hey! Your Back!

I was laying next to the phone last night majorly sick to my stomach when you called. I didn't really think you wanted me to share that kind of fun with you. ;-) I've been recovering today ... it's no fun when the mama's sick.

And on top of that I MISSED Super Nova last night. I LOVE that show. It makes me feel all young and tough when I watch it. A couple of hours a week to feel like a baddy? That's a good thing! :D

I'll talk to ya soon!