Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pizza Box Meme--a little late!

I was tagged by Susie, oh, a while back. I didn't forget, but we did start the fall schedule around here and my blogging time has been a bit limited! On that note, I am still reading your blogs, just not having tons of time to, onto the meme!

What was your favorite thing about being a kid?
Riding my bicycle all over God's green earth with no worries of being kidnapped. (Really, who would want me?)
What was your favorite subject in school? History, and then all of my teaching courses in college.
Who was your best friend when you were ten? My sister. We had just moved to Texas and I didn't know a soul. She was a great playmate!
If you could be any animal what would you be? My dog, Ellie. She eats all the food she wants without getting fat, sleeps where and when she wants, doesn't have to clean or make the bed....
What would you change about your school, occupation, or life right now?
Nothing--I'm enjoying the tarnation out of it!
What is your favorite color? Blue--nice and calm
What is your favorite crust and your favorite pizza topping? Medium crust, peperoni, dipped in ranch dressing. Pretty boring, I realize, but I don't try too much when it comes to food.


Barb said...

Tarnation! That's one of my favorite words! And no one out here is doing memes in much less than two weeks after they've been tagged so you're actually right on time.

It's so sweet your sister was your best friend. Mine wasn't. But she is now.

Susie said...

Robin did another post. All is right with the world. I'm just teasing. I hope homeschooling is going well. You need to give us an update. Do you like it? What are you studying,etc. Do you need a break yet? You actually like history? That is great! Skip gets so frustrated at me when I get all the different wars (Colonial, French, Civil) confused my brain doesn't do well with any war dates. Hey, by the way, ranch on pizza is not boring. In fact, it is very tasty.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

We ran the neighborhood the whole livelong day and never worried about being taken. Youre right, who would want a pack of kids that smelled like hot dirt? Its no suprise we were safe, since the six of us were within a foot of each other most of the time. What lunatic would take SIX dirty kids?

The Pajama Mama said...

We had so much more freedom and safety was never an issue. How I miss those days!!