Monday, September 18, 2006

Homeschooling so Far

So far, we have been homeschooling for five weeks. And each and every week something substantial has happened to cut entire days out of our precious homeschooling time. The car getting fixed, searching for a new washing machine, a trip to Miami, me getting what was either the stomach flu or food poisoning--not sure which--has made me feel a bit behind. And I don't like it very much.

I was truly hoping to be far enough ahead that when these beautiful fall days rolled around, we could play hooky and spend the day with friends who live in say, Frisco. But when they call, I have to decline. Nope, school.

I am not discouraged to homeschooling. Just re-thinking my "plan" a little. I know it reqiures so little time each day since Mini-me is just in kindergarten, so it takes quite a bit of the pressure off. Still, I much prefer when I am on schedule. Or ahead of said schedule is even better.

Any advice from you seasoned Homeschoolers out there?

(BTW, Clementine, thank you for the links you send last time. I am enjoying them!)


melissa said...

i'd like to tell you to relax and enjoy the kindergarten year and consider the off-schedule things to be "learning experiences". but that's not what i did either. if anything, i was more determined to stick to a schedule when i first started simply to prove to myself that i could and therefore capable of homeschooling my child.

now, 4 years later, i just know that there are going to be bumps in our schedule and my plan now contains a maximum 4 day school week, year round school. this gives us the freedom to bump along as life sees fit.

i'm sure you're doing just fine.h

Wendy said...

We are just starting here too. I have one in K and one in Pre-K and one little one. I started off w/a schedule, but now we have a routine. It has worked better for us in the stage we are in right now. My son is pretty much doing 1st grade work, so that takes some pressure off.

My neighbor teaches kindergarten in the public school (not that you have to do what they are doing, just an example) and she gave me their math book to look at. I could not believe how simple it was. They didn't even touch on basic addition until the very end and it was very basic. I don't know if that helps you, but it made me stress a little less here.

I think it can be easy to think I am not doing enough. Maybe in time I will relax a little about that?

Hope the next few weeks go better for you.

sherry said...

We started homeschooling last year and it was quite an adventure!

You have to remember that one of the reasons that you homeschool is for the flexibility of it.

And also remember, if you don't get your schoolwork done in the morning during your scheduled time, it can always be done before dinner or between naps, or whenever!

Especially with kindergarteners, a relaxed schedule is probably better anyway! They will grow to love learning at an early age.


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Robin, aren't these comments encouraging? I liked Melissa's idea of a 4 day week, year-round. I think CM did 6 weeks on, 1 week off, year-round (But she did 6 days a week; no wonder true CMers are brilliant!). I think that's what we're planning on doing, 6 on, 1 off, year-round. Caiden literally cried--CRIED--yesterday because we're still on break, and he sobbed, "But I mmmm-miss school!" :)