Friday, August 25, 2006

Little Bits' Word Cloud

Thanks to Lori for the link to this word cloud work of art. The site takes a sampling of words from your blog and morphs it into this. What do ya think? It did manage to leave out the word dirty and talk--unless their in there as the teeny tiny words.

Have a great Friday y'all!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Same, but Different

I just logged into Blogger and it automatically directed me to transfer my blog to their new beta version. I'm guessing this was because I already have a gmail account. So far, things look slightly different, (buttons, etc) but seem to work exactly the same.

So far I don't get it. We'll see what happens.

**Update: Well Blogger Beta is fabulous. I updated my template and lost the pink. But, I can now make all kinds of changes to my blog with out the knowledge of HTML at all. I have had to re-add all of my blogs I read links though. So, it will take me some time to get every one back on the list. I still have to figure out how to get my way too cute pink dots back though!!! I guess I still need T--just a little. =)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stunned, Just Stunned

First of all, I have only read the first page of this article, but I am absolutely stunned. I'll be the first to admit I am so naive to so much. Part of me wants to go back to "ignorance is bliss" but for the sake of my children, I have to know what they are up against. I really don't like it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


T called me this morning and after I answered the phone he put me on speaker. He let the other people in the room know he had to make sure I was going to answer the phone appropriately before the speaker phone portion of the conversation could begin. I am reminded why and thought I would relay the conversation that happened several years ago that resulted in this policy.

***Phone Rings at the house. I look at caller id and see that the number is 214-9??-blah, blah, blah, blah. It's T.

Me: Hey there hot stuff. I'd think I'd like to ......(I am omitting this part since this is part of the family friendly blogroll. But let's just say I was feeling a bit saucy and amorous toward my hubby.)

Caller: Robin?

Me: Umm...(at this point I look at the caller id to realize it is indeed NOT my hubby, but a number of similar beginnings.) Yes?

Caller: This is Ed. (Senior Pastor of our church and T's boss.) What did you just say?

Me: (Color has completely drained from my face.) Just romancing my husband like you talked about last Sunday, sir. Can I get him for you?

Caller: Yes. (Laughing)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

That Did NOT Just Happen...

Big plans today--that's what I had.

1. Go to the bank
2. Go to the Dollar Tree for Mini-me to spend the $3 she found in a purse I gave her to play with that was now burning hole right through her pocket.
3. Have friend of Mini-me come over to play and entertain my kids.
4. Get 20 weeks worth of lesson plans done for homeschooling co-op classes starting in Sept.
5. Take Mini-T to meet her teacher at Mother's Day Out. aka: The one day a week I get a five hour break from saying, "No, color only on paper."
6. Come home, nap for said toddler; big kids continue play.
7. Take friend home.
8. Go to find some fun new running clothes and ridiculously affordable prices.
9. Come home, eat baked spaghetti, put kids to bed, watch tv.

Want to know what actually happened? Of course you do or you would have stopped reading a few minutes ago.

1. Go to the bank
2. Go to the Dollar Tree for Mini-me to spend the $3 she found in a purse I gave her to play with that was now burning hole right through her pocket. (The money, not the purse.)
3. Have friend of Mini-me come over to play and entertain my kids.
4. Get 20 weeks worth of lesson plans done for homeschooling co-op classes starting in Sept.
5. Richelle calls, only a few miles away. Great! Come over and we'll play as soon as I get back from MDO teacher meet and greet thing.
6. This is point where I choose poorly: As I am pulling out of the driveway, I decide to go the opposite direction than I normally go down the alley. Very focused on this change. So much so that I completely forget I am 5 mm away from our fence and the steel posts holding it up. RIP MY FRONT BUMPER ALMOST COMPLETELY OFF MY MINI-VAN.
7. Call Terry as I continue on my way to MDO meet and greet. (Because I can't miss meeting my daughter's first teacher, right?) Try to not feel like I'm calling my dad telling him I wrecked the car.
8. Come home. Call friend's mother and explain that I cannot drive anywhere else and when she is ready, could she come pick up friend?
9. Decide whether or not to duct tape the bumper back on or take it all the way off. (It was still sort of hanging on. Plastic does not cause those little sparks as you drive down the road in case you were wondering.)
10. Eat canned ravioli for dinner. Who cooks after a day like that?
11. Explain to Mini-me that it is duct tape and not duck tape.
12. Put kids to bed very early.

(My saving grace was that Richelle came over and consoled me and stayed way later than she planned. Thanks friend!)

Now my plans for tomorrow....

Friday, August 11, 2006

$30 a Month...And TOTALLY Worth It!

I bit the bullet yesterday and joined a gym that will have child care once it opens in November. Until then I will work around T's time at home to squeeze in my runs. Today was the first day. I ran, and ran, and ran. (It is currently set up with machines in a strip center.) Heaven I tell you.

It felt good to be inside the air conditioning. It felt good not to have to worry about the girls. And, it will feel even better in November when I can take them in the middle of the day, and someone will watch them, and I can shower in PEACE for pete's sake.


**I know what you are thinking. "Didn't she just post about not posting?" Well, yes, I did. But it was really about not posting much. But some is okay. I think. Maybe the jury is still out.

Is This The End?

I have noticed that I still have my home tour displayed on the front page of my blog. I have noticed that even though I get these urges to write, I don't actually sit down and do it. I have noticed that I am beginning to feel the realization that school is about to start and for me, a now homeschooling mom with homeschooling kids, that means a much more structured routine. I have noticed that when I spend time blogging I tend not to spend time making my menus, grocery lists, lesson plans and reading books. I have noticed that this may be the end of my run of blogging.

Oh, I may still update family with pics of the girls and thoughts on how homeschooling is going. But, I think for now I will just call my friends--the ones I had before blogging and the ones I made through it.

Then again, I could change my mind in two days....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Might Want to Move those Toes...

I received this article from a friend the other day. I really debated long and hard on whether or not to put in on my blog. Before you go and read it, let me say a couple of things:

1) I do not agree with everything the author says, although the article as a whole brings up good points.
2) Even though I do plan on homeschooling the girls for now, I do not think that God calls every family to homeschool or even private school. It is a decision I think every family should pray about and receive God's direction. I just think that so many parents don't.
3) I am a terrible debater. (Ask T. He wins every time even when he is wrong. I stink in the clutch.) So, feel free to leave your comments--nicely.

Monday, August 07, 2006

In Case You Are Hot

Not hot as in hottie, but hot as in heat wave! Although, I guess you can still click if you are a hottie too.

Click here.

Ya'll have a great day now! I'm off to sip some sweet tea...

Friday, August 04, 2006

For Addie: aka: Rock On Little Mama

My dear Addie,

I just wanted to show you how much hair Mini-Me had or didn't have when she was little(r). She didn't start getting it until she was about 20 months old. So see, there is hope!

Your Friend,

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good News!!

It's so funny that you can be so affected by someone's story and not really realize it. I have been praying for this person. When she posted her good news today, I just broke down in tears. Not that tears are unusual for me, but I didn't know how much she had been on my heart and mind until that moment. Congrats to her and Praise to Him!

The New Do

With school starting in a few weeks I finally took the plunge and cut Reia's hair. She does have the most gorgeous long hair. Well, did, I guess. But every bath time was a battle and when it was time to put it in a pony or some up-do, the battle became a war. After the most recent episode, she's lucky she's not bald!

Love you Reia. And, I love your new hair!