Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tag, I'm It!

Well I have been tagged by Baby Spice over at Life with Little Women to tell you a few things about myself. Just so everyone knows, I am the little sister. My big sis, also known as Mini-Me, will have to participate at another time since I have the computer all to myself. That's code for "daddy will have to fix this thing when he gets home".

3 Things that scare me:
NOTHING! Which is what scares my mom the most. I will climb anything; jump off of anything; put anything in my mouth--the possibilities are endless.

3 People who make me laugh:
1. My daddy, when he does pretty much anything.
2. My mommy, when she chases me saying, "I'm gonna get you!" in that cute mommy voice.
3. My sister, when she shows me her food--from inside her mouth--at the table.

3 Things I Love:
1. My Blanket which I affectionately call Ki-Ki.
2. Riding piggy back on mommy while looking at myself in the mirror.
3. Climbing. I'm with Baby Spice on this one. Ain't no furniture high enough to keep me on the ground.

3 Things I Hate:
1. When my sister "loves" on me a little too hard. I thought she'd get the hint from all of the yucky noises I make and leave me alone, but I guess I'm too cute for my own good.
2. Time Out.
3. Paula Deen's chicken and rice casserole. My mom just shrieked as I typed that. Sorry, Mom, it's the truth.

3 Things I don't Understand:
1. Why climbing is so bad when it comes so naturally.
2. Why Mommy says, "Paper only!" when I have a crayon. I know for a fact that walls, chairs and tables make perfectly good writing surfaces.
3. Why Mommy gets all freaked out when I am anywhere near a water source.

3 Things on my Floor:
1. The rocking chair turned over for Mini-Me and I to make a fort out of.
2. The wood puzzles my mom picks up every day and I insist on pulling apart as soon as I wake up.
3. Little People: the zoo, the amusement park and the doll house. I love these hand me downs.

3 Things I'm doing right now:
1. Well, my mommy thinks I napping;
2. But I'm really typing this meme;
3. Please don't tell her I'm this smart or she may start to think I understand the word "no", and just don't like to obey.

3 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Learn to communicate without whining. This would make Mommy oh so happy.
2. Run freely through the house with a 64 count box of crayons and no one to stop me.
3. Play tennis like my big sister because it looks like so much fun!

3 Things I can do:
1. Scream "Dadeeeeee" when I hear the chime go off when he comes in the back door.
2.Make my mommy's heart melt when I am in trouble. This has worked out well for me in the past, but I think she might just be getting over it.
3. Sleep in my big girl bed without a fuss. That one took about two weeks.

3 Ways to describe my personality:
1. Mischievous.
2. Cute as a button.
3. Dare devil.

3 Things I cannot do:
1. Get down the first time I am asked.
2. Say no to a marker. Especially those with the word "sharpie" on the side.
3. Sit Still.

3 Things I Think you should listen to:
1. "Space Chase" cd from previous Adventure Weeks.
2. Me! Screaming my head off with Mini-me just to hear our voices.
3. Veggie Tales: Sunday Morning Songs

3 Things I Don't think you should listen to:
1. "No" (As it is with all toddlers. They told us that in our secret toddler meetings...oops, you aren't supposed to know about those.)
2. "Time for Night-night!" (Mommy says it like it's soooo exciting. Totally stinks in my opinion.)
3. "Get down" (Doesn't she see that it's a NEED of mine for pete's sake. By the way, who is Pete?)

3 Favorite Foods:
1. Macaroni and Cheese
2. Cookies.
3. Sweet Tea (My mom only lets me have it decaffeinated so I won't be up all night.)

3 Beverages I drink regularly:
1. Milk
2. Water--with a splash of juice or decaf tea
3. Capri Sun--when the big kids get it.

3 Shows I watch:
1. Blue's Clues
Tom and Jerry--Really these are all Mini-me's favs. I'm just along for the ride.


Barb said...

Robin, I swear, just reading this makes me tired. This is why God gives babies to YOUNG women. I love this baby meme. Every single time I've come across one in the past couple of days, it's taken me right back to when my girls were this little. So sweet.

I need to get a Nana meme going. For grandbabies. Right?

Addie said...

She is so CUTE! I love that y'all made a fort with the rocking chair. Sounds like our house.

BTW, Ben brought the girls home with a Tom and Jerry DVD last weekend. (I think I know which episode you were talking about with the girl cat) Anyway, I haven't heard the girls laugh so much. They thought it was pure comic genius.

Thanks for doing the meme Mini-T!

Susie said...

Robin, this is the cutest thing ever! You have to save it for your daughter. I laughed so hard because I felt like you were describing my Annie to a tee. I think babies of the family in general share a lot of these personality traits. Very clever of you!

Robin said...

BTW Mini-T's foot is IN the toilet in that pic.

Addie said...

HA! The photo wasn't there ealier. First, her hair is SO LONG! (I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous!)

The foot in the toilet, and the impish grin are hilarious!

Rebekah said...

I loved reading through the meme, but to hop in here to leave a comment and read that Mini-T's foot was IN the toilet!...oh my word...I just can't stop laughing!!!

Robin said...

Sadly, that pic was not "posed". I totally found her like that and she just stayed there,playing with the tp, until I got the camera. That's the smile I get when I say, "Say Cheese!"

Faith said...

She is sooo gonna get you back for that picture some day!!

theresa said...

Sorry R, I missed your meme (just now seeing it) Love it! Mine's up, but I must say Mini T sounds way more interesting! We're gonna have to monitor Mini T's and Sugar's time together ya know! LOL!