Thursday, July 06, 2006

Meme of Seven

I was tagged by Barb to do this meme. So let's see....

7 Random Facts About Me
1. I do a lot of things ok, but I'm not really really good at any one thing. I guess that just means I'm well rounded, right?
2. I had to put our dog Mulligan down when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with mini-me. She was the nastiest, gnarliest little dog that we saved from the street one night in the pouring down rain. She was old, had kidney failure and I was so afraid she was going to croak while T was out of town I had her put to sleep lest I should have to deal with a dead dog at the foot of my bed. (She was really sick though and we had her a year.)
3. If a child wakes me up at night for any reason (which is most nights) it takes me 60-90 min to get back to sleep. (which is why I am tired most days)
4. I am trying really hard not be obsessed with this whole blogging thing; which is why I don't have a site meter, new blog skin or any fancy stuff. But the temptation is soooo there.
5. I am going to start homeschooling mini-me (and mini-T a little) in the fall. I am very excited about it!
6. I have over the past few years almost totally lost my desire to go back to work, ever. Except to pay for a pool if need be.
7. I am terribly afraid of heights and fast rides. Really, I don't even like to swing anymore as it makes my tummy do that flip thing and those ridiculously high overpasses? I close my eyes. Yes, only when I'm in the passenger side. I only close one eye while I'm driving...

7 Random Music at the Moment
1. INXS--old and new
2. The Great Space Chase--Adventure Week CD mini-me is obsessed with
3. Mercy Me
4. Kelly Clarkson
5. John Mayer
6. Enrique Iglesias--great running music
7. Erwin McManus--sermon podcasts on the iPod

7 Things/People I Like the Most
1. T, mini-me, mini-T (hubby and kids)
2. Going to the new Uptown (now called Downtown) building to have services on Sundays
3. Living in the middle of Dallas
4. Having large trees in the yard
5. Chicken Crispers at Chilli's, the roasted chicken at Fuse (melts in your mouth)
6. Paula Deen's "Ain't Yo Mama's Banana Pudding"
7. I really have too many people and blogs to list on this one. Let's just say I'm grateful for all of the relationships, in person and in the blogosphere I have.

7 Things I Say the Most
1. "That is not okay with me."
2. "Reese, No."
3. "What did we learn in church this weekend?"
4. "I can't hear you if you're whining."
5. "Look at my eyes."
6. "Reese, get back in your bed."
7. "Seriously?!"

In Honor of BooMama and Addie,
7 Things You will Never Hear Me Say
1. "Cellulite is a good look for me. I think I'll get some more."
2. "Honey, could you go to the money tree in the backyard and get me a couple hundred?"
3. "I think my natural hair color looks best."
4. "Girls, when you whine, it makes me the happiest mom in the world."
5. "Now that I'm down to my pre-baby weight..."
6. "That's too much butter."
7. "We don't need a pool." Because, you know, I'm totally obsessed with getting one.


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

So funny. I have to love someone who loves Kelly Clarkson and Mercy Me both. And I'll remember the Enrique for fast walking. Post-knee surgery, running is not a good idea.

Funny when site meter sent me results each week I looked at them more. Now I have numbers running and dont generally pay much attention. I keep it all in perspective this way: if I got even 50 readers, you know 5 years from now, they would still all fit in my kitchen. That reminds me blogging is not about numbers, its about writing, relationships, spending 2000 or so of those words I need to say a day and not to my poor husband, and not necessarily all in that order either. I decided I would be more obsessed if I tried to make a new template and Im too into asthetics to not have something I love, so Bluebirds is doing it for me. At about the cost of a girl's dinner out.

Barb said...

It completely cracks me up the way everyone mixes me and Bev up. Bev tagged you on this but if she hadn't I would have.

About #4 under facts about you. About that little Flickr grid? I happen to think that's pretty fancy because I CANNOT DO IT. All I could finally accomplish was that dumb Flickr bar - just can't make the grid work but I haven't given up on it. Your little grid's one of my favorite things I've seen in bloggerville so far.

Great list and thanks for doing it. I admire your determination to not get completely blogged down. Good luck! :-)

Robin said...

I think I at least linked to the right person, right? So sorry! And as for the Flickr thing--T did that of course! I couldn't ever get that done.

Addie said...

OK, first did you watch "Rockstar Supernova" last night? Obviously 'Supernova' isn't as thrilling as watching INXS get a new lead, but it was still pretty good!

I have an old INXS CD in my kitchen CD player.

Second, LAUGHED. OUT. LOUD. at, "Now that I'm down to my pre-baby weight..." the alternate version of that would be, "I tried on my wedding dress the other day, and it fit beautifully!" Ah, well our bodies were worth the sacrifice, I think!

BooMama said...

Okay, I can't get past the fact that you said there is music good for running. Because that means you RUN. :-)

And "LOOK AT MY EYES" - I say it all the time.

Love the last category, of course - I asked David to go shake the money tree just this morning. And that is not a euphemism. :-)

Robin said...

Addie and Boomama--AAAHahahahahahahaha! I needed those laughs right now! Go read your emails and see why.

Carol said...

Okay, this is me:
I do a lot of things ok, but I'm not really really good at any one thing. I guess that just means I'm well rounded, right?

And this:
"I can't hear you if you're whining."

And my dog died - heart attack - when I was 5 months pregnant. I thought I was going to lose the baby. Yeah, I've blogged that story.

Y'know what? Your blog is fine as is. I think all the cute stuff is great, but there are scads of cute blogs I will never visit again because it's all blah, blah, blah...

Good meme!

theresa said...

R, I think I knew every single one of these - seriously! ha, ha said it just for you! But I never thought I hear you say, "I love living in the middle of Dallas". "Ya such a small town gal to me" :)

Brenda said...

I think your blog template is great. It goes so well with your by-line.

About #1? I had the same thought about me just the other day, but I was thinking more along the lines of SHAPE, tyvm. Which is why #6 annoys me, not because you do, but because I don't.

Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

I liked this post, thanks!

Addie said...

HA!!! Boo! Another euphemism!!!

Paula said...

Hello, My name is paula and i'm new to this. I just discovered blogging. (No, I'm NOT computer literate). Your list was soooooo funny. Especially, your "Never Hear Me Say" list.
Good look with homeschooling. I would look forward to hear what you have to say. I am heade d that direction my self.

Tammy said...

Also stopping by and pretty new to blogging!
I have two girls, ages 4 and 7 and just started home schooling.
Enjoyed visiting your site! Please stop my new one anytime...

Gina said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the comment over at my site. I wish you all the best with homeschooling. It really is wonderful.

Tammy said...

Hi again Robin...
you asked about home schooling over at my blog. Actually, this first year I did a hodge podge of things. I didn't want to invest in just one curriculum until I saw what we liked and what worked best.
This coming year won't be too much different, but I will be going back to the ones that worked, as well as trying a few new ones I was impressed with at the curriculum fair. However, I found a gold mine in free resources just on the internet. I supplimented a lot with worksheets, and many are even Christian in nature.
Please feel free to e-mail for more info or for names of the some of the curriculum we liked!

Wendy said...

So funny. I love the list of things you will never say...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

HolyMama! said...

i laughed beginning to end on this one.

and your natural hair color is probably lovely!

new metro woman said...

Funny "meme" I do say "when you whine it makes the the happiest mom in the world" sarcastically though. :-)

Wendy said...

Hi Robin, I left you comments on my blog, regarding your questions about Five in a Row. Hope this helps!

praynlady said...

Robin, that was terrific! I especially liked the last ones! Sooooo true! Hope you are doing well. When you can't sleep, you can blog, or even chat! I do not get much sleep so I am usually on the yahoo messenger chatting with one friend or another. They work late at night so it works out for me. We, talk, laugh, pray and cry with each other on the chat thing! I have to admit that I am blog obsessed! But when you are in my shoes, that is sometimes the only way to communicate with the world outside! I do not hate having a disability but I do get annoyed with the limitations it sets for me without my permission!
My #1 thing I say the most right now is, "Kaylee, we do not say that!!!" over and over and over!
At 3, this evening, she told me, "Mom, you just have to trust me!" exactly like that! Go figure! Well, I liked this one. I am getting ready for a show of my jewelry this weekend so won't be posting much but I have tried to at least stay current on both blogs. Come by and visit when you get time!
Blessings and hugs,

Amanda said...

hey, where are you? I am missing your blogs! By the way, I keep forgetting to tell you. That Salsa chicken is such a hit with my family and many Ihave shared the recipe with! Thanks!