Saturday, June 17, 2006

Word Verification

Does word verification have to be 20 letters long in a font that mostly resembles Sanskrit? Can't it just be about 5 letters, even 3, in a normal font that I don't have to decipher? I had to do and redo one 3 times this morning because the letters were so mushed together I suppose I kept reading it wrong, and consequently typing it wrong.

Ok, small soapbox. I'm down now.


BooMama said...

A couple of days ago I promise that I had a word verification that was at least 15 letters long. And I had to squint to figure out what the letters were. I guess comment spam is THAT bad.

Barb said...

Me too! I know I need new glasses but this is ridiculous!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I completely agree with you. Sometimes I cant read them either, and I only know that when it asks me - uhhh, no, try it again. And it is cracking me up that I have to do that very thing to leave this comment.

theresa said...

pain in the rear...nuff' said.

praynlady said...

I am with you on this one! I got one that had about 14 letters and it was only 3 letters within it! Something like this;
or something like that. I couldn't read through it to get it right and after (it mercilessly changed to even worse ones) about 5 tries, I hit the handicap sign next to it and guess what? It got worse. It had one something like this@#%$**&^%#
Ok, can you read that one? NO, so don't hit the handicap chair thingy! I finally just punched in letters until it came up with a 5 letter one I could read. I guess that at 40+, I should get my eyes checked finally! I am wondering what happened to the perfect eyesight I used to have?!~
Have a great weekend!