Sunday, June 25, 2006

Uptown Opening

Uptown Opening
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There wasn't one picture that really capture all of the opening, so I am just posting this one. (I like part of the Dallas skyline in the background.) You can go to the flickr pics to see all of the rest. Someone borrowed my camera and took these. I would have made everyone stop and smile, but what she took was very nice.


Addie said...

Those pictures were awesome! I would love to go to church right in the heart of the city! (we're in the burbs) Looks like it was an exciting new beginning for y'all! Woo hoo!

BooMama said...

So there were, um, a few people there, huh?

More than tens, definitely. :-)

That's so awesome, Robin. I'm tickled to death for y'all. Can't wait to hear ALLLLL about it.

Leslie said...

That is wonderful! Perhaps we can see it when we are in Texas (sometime around Christmas).