Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen--From LAST week. It was such a good idea from Sarah I had to work on it. The reason I am doing this TT is for my daughter. We are a lot alike, I tend to be over critical of myself and I can see where I am on her as well. So, I am trying to choose things that I see in her as well. I guess this is really thirteen things I love about me and a few things that apply to HER!

1. I have small feet. Even though they have grown a half size with each pregnancy, I am still only a size 6. It's nice, particularly since I am only 5'2". I don't like feet in general, so I need all of the help I can get! Reia already has feet on the small side. Her friends are all in sizes 10 and up, she's just an 8. Love the hand me down shoes we get.

2. I love to entertain. Truly, I could have people over three or four times a week. Reia could also have people over every day if I allowed it.

3. I am low maintenance. I pretty much go with the flow on just about everything. This means my house is never absolutely perfect, my kids may leave the house without having cute hair, I may or may not shower before I go to Target, but I am not going to see the President or anything and Jesus looks at the heart, right?!

4. I love to cook. That does not mean I am great at it, but I do try! (but I'm not bad at it either)

5. I have straight teeth even without braces. Let's hope both my kids get this.

6. I am very frugal. I have learned to be since Terry and I stick to a budget. People who can be frugal and content have a gift. I'm working on the second half of that still.

7. I still get together with my best friends from high school. They are fabulous, loving and don't care if it's been two weeks or 10 months since we talked; we always start right where we left off.

8. I am naive. I am always totally surprised when I find out someone I know does something a little underhanded or just plain wrong. I usually see the good in people--which is good for the most part.

9. Blue Eyes. I just like them and I like them on Reia. Now as far as brown goes, Terry and Reese both have the most gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen.

10. I don't always feel or act like my age. Although I look my age. That is a realization I have just come to. Just a little Peter Pan syndrome I guess.

11. I was smart enough to marry a godly man.

12. I will try just about any style or color with my hair. I've been short, long, curly , straight, and every shade of red and blonde imaginable. Terry never knows what to expect when I come home from the stylist.

13. This last one is something I love about Reia--her laugh. Not her "I'm just trying to be silly" laugh, but her gut laugh that she has when she is with her little friends. I LOVE IT. It's the cutest thing I have ever heard, and I pray she never stops.


Addie said...

I wish I was #6, but I am #3. And that is a good thing.

This is a good idea, because I too can be overly critical of myself. Which makes me overly critical of the child that is most like me. *sigh*

Thanks Robin. I enjoyed itl

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I loved #11 - most important of all. If we just get that one right the rest is okay. Clever of you to put this off a few days so it counts as this weeks too. If I could put a #14 out there I love your honesty. I love honest people.