Sunday, June 18, 2006

This Post Made Possible On Father's Day by Terry

I don't know what it is about me. Terry swears it runs in my genes. But I am somehow able to dismantle the functionality of any computer within a very short amount of time and not have the foggiest idea as to how it happened.

When I had a pc, it would just stop working properly out of nowhere. This happened so often that I was no longer allowed any where near Terry's computer and he bought me my own. Then, I wasn't allowed to download anything. NOTHING, because it always led to the destruction of said computer. You will notice I have no smileys or things that flash. Nope, not allowed. No cute and fun fonts or graphics that were not already included on my computer. Nope, not allowed. I think his exact words were, "Do not download, subscribe or change anything on this machine." To make his point clear, only he has administrative rights on the computer.

When Terry finally had enough of my pc problems, he generously bought me a Mac. (Which I love by the way.) They are indestructible according to the sales guy. Terry has never had one problem with his. But last week I kept getting this strange message on some of my ancillary programs. I was unable to print; which was ok since I was out of ink. My calculator and forecast functions were frizzing on me. I couldn't even look up Sanskrit in the built in dictionary to make sure I was using it correctly. So, I finally told Terry, "I'm having some problems with my Mac." I got "the look". The one that says, "What on earth could you have done?"

So, he shut it all down and it refused to reboot. He worked on it for several hours last night. Then he frustratedly brought it to the living room, dropped in on the chair and said he had to take it to the Apple store the next day. Oops! (a sheepish grin from me did not make him smile.)

When he brought it home today from Apple I asked what they said. His reply? "They said Macs are indestructible unless your maiden name is Reinhardt." And then he worked on it for several more hours.

So, thanks to my wonderful husband on Father's day for fixing my computer (on Father's day) from the wife who broke the indestructible Mac the day before Father's Day!


Robin said...

My computer kept telling me Frustratedly wasn't a word. So, I'm officially adding it to the English language.

Barb said...

It's awful, isn't it? And embarrassing. I mean, you KNOW you didn't do anything and every time you go near it, something breaks. I've been frustrated about some things in my life but never, ever has anything frustrated me even remotely as much as this computer.

I completely hate that it's smarter than me. Humiliating.

Your husband sounds like a saint. Maybe ya'll could have Father's Day tomorrow. Before you turn your mac on. :-)

theresa said...

ooooh your in trouble!! J/K

My Mac seems to be great so far (I'm knocking on wood!) But then again I haven't got my printer working yet and I'm not sure how to use half the programs! I hope I have better luck!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

You can either be married to Terry, or for the rest of us, you can call Geekmobile. My husband usually asks me what on earth is wrong with it, and you know the chance I'm going to have the answer! You're very blessed to have a husband who is willing to keep yours running.

Carol said...

You just described my household PC troubles to a T. He wanted to replace it with a Mac. I said I didn't care as long as it was a laptop (I have a small desk), but he wound up getting me another PC laptop. So far, I've warped the display settings beyond effective resetting and have managed to acquire a virus that took two days to isolate and innoculate.
(No downloading stuff without permission here, either.)

I'm just glad he's a total computer genius or I'd be computer-less forever.

Heather said...

Ha ha ha! You are EXACTLY like my husband. He is NOT ALOWED to touch my computer. I bought him a computer and he busted it within 6 months. It was not fixable. I had to buy him a NEW one.