Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Stuff Table

0. We have a table at church called "The Stuff Table". It's the place where you can get books, tapes, and other odds and ends. I thought, after I typed all the other, that I should mention why I called this post what I did.

1. I am sitting in my living room "watching" the NBA finals. I promised Terry I would watch with him if the Mavs made it. After what felt like an eternity, I got up to check and see if Blogger was working. Terry looked at me and said, "49 seconds? That's all you're putting into this game?" I did get his laptop out of it.

2. Why, when you go swimming, even if you don't get wet all the way up to your armpits, do you have to re-apply deodorant later? Mine is always gone.

3. I have gotten pretty bad about making my bed in the morning. Mainly because I am trying desperately to figure out how to get back in it. My house always feels cleaner, whether it is or not, when I have made my bed.

4. I miss Reia. She is gone until Sunday on a trip with my parents. Note: Do not watch a show on tornadoes in which a 4 year old dies when your own four year old will be out of your sight for several days. I called and asked her if she was sure she didn't want me to come get her. She turned me down. I feel the love. I know it was because they had bought Twinkies and Ding Dongs for the trip. She has never had either. I could see the light in her eyes when she saw them.

5. Why does gas automatically spike 20 cents when Iran threatens to cut us off? Can't we just wait and see if they actually do it?

6. Did Texas ever have actual seasons? Or, have we always gone straight from Winter to Summer and back again? It was 100 degree today. Yeah, I know it's June, but it's been pretty warm for a while. On a nice note, we were sitting outside enjoying the weather (70's) in March when other parts of the country were under 5 feet of snow.

7. I have a friend who calls the lottery a "Math Tax on Stupid People". He plays when he travels. I just think that is funny--ironic and ha ha kind of funny.

8. I now understand why my mom threatened to have me go live with the gypsies, and why my dad said, "If you think you need to cry, I'll give you something to cry about." If every day as a SAHM were like yesterday, I would go back to work.

9. I like football, hockey and baseball (in person not on tv), but I just don't get basketball. We are halfway through the second quarter though! Let's have a moment of silence and pray they win in four games.

10. They really are making a Miami Vice movie. Just saw the commercial. I loved that show when I was in high school. Probably shouldn't admit that one.


BooMama said...

Girl, I LOVED me some Miami Vice. It's so cheesy now when I flip past a rerun. But Don Johnson? At the time? Pretty hot stuff. :-)

I'm actually working on a post a lot like this...haven't been able to keep a train of thought going all day with Blogger down and all.

And I know you miss your girl.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I LOVED this idea. Maybe a "Saturday Stuff Table"? Great fun. Your go live with the gypsies and something to cry about brought back memories. The funny/ridiculous things our parents said and here we are, doing it ourselves. Sarah's least favorite of mine? You can get happy with the same face you got sad with? Can't you just hear the compassion in that one?!

Isn't one of the best extendings of His grace that we get to go to bed at night and start over in the morning....hope today's a better one. What your mother was likely thinking was that she'd like to join the gypsies and leave you all right there. I used to find myself thinking, what happened to my life of a one bedroom apt and a cat?

praynlady said...

I absolutely love the way you think! Who wants to sit and watch sports on the tv, when you could be blogging or searching ebay or whatever! I for one, know that there are definitely better things to do that watch basketball, like mow the yard, wash the truck, watch the grass grow! heehee
Hope you are all well and that you have peace until your Reia comes home safely. I still struggle with letting Kaylee (3) go with someone for a few days because she is my baby now and I worry about the what ifs! They are a doozy! My oldest (22) is sure I'm absolutely nuts!! I've told her it is hereditary!!!