Friday, June 23, 2006

Moving on UP!

I have a lot of random things to post about, but first I thought I would request some prayer. The new Fellowship Uptown building opens on Sunday. There is still work to be done, but it looks like we're on target. So if you wouldn't mind throwing a little prayer our way that everything goes well, and most importantly people see Christ and He is glorified through this all of this, that would be greatly appreciated!

Secondly, I wanted to wish my friend Holly good luck and easy labor and delivery this morning as she is went in at 6:00 am for her induction. She is having a boy--Barrett Wallace . They think he already weighs about 9 pounds. While you're at it, pray for her too.

I have had lots to blog about lately, but not time enough to sit and write it so it's actually interesting. Maybe tomorrow! Oh, who am I kidding. Maybe Monday...


Addie said...

Oh Wow! That is so exciting! I will be in prayer for you guys this weekend and on Sunday! I bet everyone is buzzing with excitement around there. I went and looked at he pictures ... it looks Bee-u-tee-ful!!!

Congrats. (And I'll be praying for Holly too. 9 lbs. Yowzer!!!)

BooMama said...

Definitely praying. So exciting! Surely between you and Terry we'll get a detailed account and lots of pictures. Won't we? Please?