Friday, June 02, 2006

The Apple

I sigh. A lot. Big, huge heavy sighs of frustration, disgust or just "what were they thinking?" kind of sighs. How do I know this? Reia has started to sigh. A lot. Big, huge heavy sighs of frustration, disgust, or "what is Reese thinking?" When the girls in a particularly lovely mood I sigh more than I actually talk.

I have noticed it more and more on her which leads me to the alarming fact that the apple does not fall far from the tree. You don't notice how ugly a habit is until your 4 year old starts it. Yesterday we were in the car on our way to McDonald's (where a Happy Meal has gone to $3.79, but that is another post all together.) and the traffic came to a stand still. We could see McD's, but not get to it. To which this was my daughter's response:

*Big, heavy sigh* "Mom, can't they just start moving up there. I can see McDonald's, and if they would just move, we could go ahead and eat." *Big, heavy sigh #2* She also had her hand motions all in line with her frustration.

Oy vey.


Becky said...

Too funny! My boys are beginning to say things like that - it's pretty far! :)

holdenon said...

I can't imagine which one of you she gets this from...need I say more! hee hee!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

only comfort i can give you here is that someday, when they move out, have children of their own, and sigh as much as you do, you wont sigh much anymore. and better to teach them to sigh than those words that they tend to pick up and then only repeat when youre in church or somewhere slick like that. but they are little parrots arent they. ive spent the week finding out I cant say poop - have to say dirty, crap is completely out - i thought that was a cleaned up version. list goes on and i have a hard time remembering it. wonder what theyve picked up from me in just 10 days....

Lacaria Family said...

Cute, cute! I hear about your sweet kiddos all the time, but I've still never met them. They sound adorable!

On another note, Happy Meals went over three bucks?! What the heck? That's one of my staple meals! I'm not very happy about this, seriously!

PS. Thanks for reading my first couple of posts. This is a bit addictive, huh?