Thursday, June 29, 2006

That Balloon

Yesterday when Reia and I looked outside her window we saw the pink balloon stuck in the backyard tree she had just Tuesday bemoaned the loss of. As she was crying I tried to console her by thinking of all of the fun places God would take that balloon.

"That balloon didn't make it very far, did it Mom?" she observed as only a four year old could.

I thought about how much I feel like that balloon. I have read so many wonderfully inspirational posts lately, and books by fabulous mothers who have been there and done that. I felt moved to so much action by Beth Moore when we did our Living Beyond Yourself Bible study. I had these grand visions of what kind of mother I wanted to be, and I was sure God wanted me to be. Leading her children across the seas of life helping them to grow in God and inspire others at the same time. Like this mom, or this one and this one, who is even a friend of mine. But a day or week or month later, I am still battling with the same behaviors that tie me down and I haven't stayed the course. Essentially, I'm stuck behind the house in a tree, quickly about to lose the potency of my helium.

But God is so good. He's helping me to see that He has a plan just for me. Of course it includes being a great wife to T. and a great mom to my girls, but not necessarily the same plan as other moms. That's not to say that I can't glean a great deal of wisdom from what they have experienced. But God calls us to different circumstances and agendas for our family. I am finally applying what God has been telling me for so long. And it feels so nice. It's freeing. It's trust in Him. Trust that even though I look at all the ways I know I need to change or be "better", and am completely overwhelmed by it, that God has it covered. He knows what areas of my heart need work first and reminds me of how much He has already accomplished in me. It's all in His timing and won't happen over night.

Don't you ever pray about something and wake up expecting to "feel" totally different about said issue only to find that you feel exactly the same? Or do you ever just want a step by step? "Now, Robin if you do A, B, and C it will fix xyz issue." So far as I can tell, that's just now how God works. Refinement takes time, and patience and effort. Oh, and did I mention patience?

I don't feel like I am going to be stuck in a tree for a while (can't say never) but He can untangle what ever mess I get into. Whew! By the way, we spotted the infamous pink balloon this morning on the ground beside our house. It hadn't gone far, but it did move. That's always a good step.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

I had a totally different idea for today, but the girls and I spent the day at a friend's house for a splash day. She, like so many of us, has several plastic and blow up pools in her back yard. The kids get in and out so many times the pools seem to fill up with grass faster than the yard does. So, she bought several wide plastic tubs and filled them with water. Before the kids got in the pool(s) they had to wash their feet off. Grass in the tub of water not it in the pool! Voila! I immediately smacked myself on the head and said, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Um Humm, Yep I'm Asking Y'all

So my friend Richelle and I are all over the internet looking for the word that refers to when a snake sheds it's skin. Can't find it anywhere. I'm asking you guys because it is DRIVING ME CRAZY! Please comment if you know.

Don't even ask how we got onto this topic!~

Monday, June 26, 2006

Two New Dieting Methods

Diet Method #1:

Bust/Tear your lip apart while horsing around with your kids. (I now see why this activity is reserved mostly for boys.) I swells, bleeds, and swells again. The next day you don't really care to eat much. Terry did say however, that now one half of my upper lip has that Angelina Jolie thing going on. I wonder if I bust half my rear if it will look like hers? Now I look and sound a bit funny, but I didn't have to go to the ER for stitches or anything so that's positive. And if I lose any weight because of it, that's another positive.

Diet Method #2:

Observe one of those great big gigantor water bugs crawling on the stove top. After I thought I had killed it, Reia saw it revived and crawling across the floor. I screamed. People, I don't scream at bugs, but this thing turns my stomach. After the bugicide, I really had no appetite. The bug guy is on his way to spray my house. I'm going to have him pick it up and throw it away. Right now it's covered by one of T's shoes. I don't even have the stomach to look at it.

So ladies, try either of those and report back your findings!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Uptown Opening

Uptown Opening
Originally uploaded by robinstorch.
There wasn't one picture that really capture all of the opening, so I am just posting this one. (I like part of the Dallas skyline in the background.) You can go to the flickr pics to see all of the rest. Someone borrowed my camera and took these. I would have made everyone stop and smile, but what she took was very nice.


I really can't even begin to describe how wonderful it was to be in the new building this morning. Everyone was so excited. The music was awesome, the sermon was awesome, God is awesome. It was interesting to walk around enjoying this magnificent place God has brought us to. A blessing to be sure. But what I really noticed were the small things that had happened over the past weeks and months that had all culminated to this event.

Tears and a smile were the only things I could garner as I stood in the worship center watching all of these people. Each one matters to God and He allows us to be a part of changing their lives each week. So, this is really a shout of praise to the one from whom all blessings flow. Wow, what a blessing.

(I'll post pics when I get a chance.)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Who Knew...

....I would choose my whole thirty minutes of alone time to blog instead of nap. If you know me well at all, you might just see a flock of pigs outside your upstairs window right now. But I digress.

Two nights. That's all it took for Reese to be sleeping on the floor. I did put her mattress down there lest you think I am the worst mom ever. After our day of being out all day my sweet child took a nap on the 45 minute car ride home. Even though she woke up at 5 pm, I knew she hadn't had enough sleep and decided to go ahead and put her down at 7:30 for the night. Well, I spent the next 3 hours getting her back into her crib. She would crawl out; I would put her back in.

The first three times I was nice and gentle. (In my sweet momma voice) "Reese. It's ni-night time. Stay in your bed and go to sleep." She can't actually lie yet, but I know she said, "Okay, momma," with her eyes. Times 4-10 she did get a swat on the leg with a little more stern, "Child, I would hate to snatch all that pretty hair right off of your head," tone of voice. "Reese, stay in your bed." After #10 she was quiet. I thought she was asleep and went to check on her. She had crawled up into the rocking chair and was just quietly rocking.

This time her eyes said, "I may stay in this room, but I AM NOT staying in that bed." (So stubborn this child. I have not one iota of and idea as to where it comes from. Ahem.) So, I rocked her for a while and put her in bed. Then Terry went in and she was AGAIN in the chair; so, he rocked her. (On a side note: He really enjoyed that. I could hear them talking and singing. It was very sweet. But she didn't sleep for him either.)

The last time she came out and came in the living room it was 10:30. I was tired and ready to go to bed. So I helped her get a little sleepy with my friends Ben and Adryl. (No ugly comments please. About the swats either. Until you've walked a mile in someone else's flip flops...) The next day I cleaned out the crib and put the mattress on the floor.

She is adjusting pretty well. We'll move her to a big girl bed as soon as Terry can help me, which will be after the opening of the building I mentioned in the previous post. I however, am not doing so well. Taking down the crib? No more babies? It makes me a little sad to know that one stage of my life is ending but excited that a new one is beginning. None the less, it is going to happen and would have sooner or later anyway. So, I shall embrace it and stop using "I just had a baby ___months ago" to avoid working out and eating anything deep fried in chocolate with a Dr Pepper chaser.

On another side note: She is supposed to be napping right now, but I can hear her playing. I've been calling from outside her door to get back in bed. Then I hear her little feet, thump thump thump across the room and she falls onto her mattress. At least she is staying in there.

Moving on UP!

I have a lot of random things to post about, but first I thought I would request some prayer. The new Fellowship Uptown building opens on Sunday. There is still work to be done, but it looks like we're on target. So if you wouldn't mind throwing a little prayer our way that everything goes well, and most importantly people see Christ and He is glorified through this all of this, that would be greatly appreciated!

Secondly, I wanted to wish my friend Holly good luck and easy labor and delivery this morning as she is went in at 6:00 am for her induction. She is having a boy--Barrett Wallace . They think he already weighs about 9 pounds. While you're at it, pray for her too.

I have had lots to blog about lately, but not time enough to sit and write it so it's actually interesting. Maybe tomorrow! Oh, who am I kidding. Maybe Monday...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

My kids eat lots and lots of flavor ice popsicles outside. Because, well, you know they make a big mess when you eat them inside the house. Anyway, I finally put a trashcan out in the backyard. When they are done with the popsicles or any other treat they can just throw the wrappers away. This also comes in handy when I need to get Reese out of a wet (from the pool) diaper and don't want it coming thorough the house. You'd be amazed at how much trash you accumulate in the backyard. Have a great summer!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joyful, Joyful

How I adore thee..Ok, hopefully no one will take this as blasphemy or anything, but I just can't keep from singing that beloved hymn whenever I use the new Gain Joyful Expressions detergent. I have to say that I LOVE IT! It smells so good. Does it clean my clothes well? Who knows! I don't see any dirt on them, but my eyes are closed as I suck in all that great smell when they come fresh out of the dryer. I have read a few posts about people who love Gain. I think we need to start a fan club. Maybe they'll put us on TV?!

If you haven't tried it, go out and put a song in your snout. Buy Gain Joyful Expressions!

(Really, no one paid me to do this. Of course that may make me seem kinda sad, huh?)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

This Post Made Possible On Father's Day by Terry

I don't know what it is about me. Terry swears it runs in my genes. But I am somehow able to dismantle the functionality of any computer within a very short amount of time and not have the foggiest idea as to how it happened.

When I had a pc, it would just stop working properly out of nowhere. This happened so often that I was no longer allowed any where near Terry's computer and he bought me my own. Then, I wasn't allowed to download anything. NOTHING, because it always led to the destruction of said computer. You will notice I have no smileys or things that flash. Nope, not allowed. No cute and fun fonts or graphics that were not already included on my computer. Nope, not allowed. I think his exact words were, "Do not download, subscribe or change anything on this machine." To make his point clear, only he has administrative rights on the computer.

When Terry finally had enough of my pc problems, he generously bought me a Mac. (Which I love by the way.) They are indestructible according to the sales guy. Terry has never had one problem with his. But last week I kept getting this strange message on some of my ancillary programs. I was unable to print; which was ok since I was out of ink. My calculator and forecast functions were frizzing on me. I couldn't even look up Sanskrit in the built in dictionary to make sure I was using it correctly. So, I finally told Terry, "I'm having some problems with my Mac." I got "the look". The one that says, "What on earth could you have done?"

So, he shut it all down and it refused to reboot. He worked on it for several hours last night. Then he frustratedly brought it to the living room, dropped in on the chair and said he had to take it to the Apple store the next day. Oops! (a sheepish grin from me did not make him smile.)

When he brought it home today from Apple I asked what they said. His reply? "They said Macs are indestructible unless your maiden name is Reinhardt." And then he worked on it for several more hours.

So, thanks to my wonderful husband on Father's day for fixing my computer (on Father's day) from the wife who broke the indestructible Mac the day before Father's Day!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Most of the time I won't link to a certain post because I am sure that everyone who reads my blog certainly already reads hers. But just in case, you have to see this picture. The post is great too, but the picture...oh my word.

Word Verification

Does word verification have to be 20 letters long in a font that mostly resembles Sanskrit? Can't it just be about 5 letters, even 3, in a normal font that I don't have to decipher? I had to do and redo one 3 times this morning because the letters were so mushed together I suppose I kept reading it wrong, and consequently typing it wrong.

Ok, small soapbox. I'm down now.

These Precious Moments

When Terry and I found out we were having a second girl I was very excited. Not only was I going to be able to reuse the 500 tons of clothes collecting in bins in the garage, but Reia was going to have a little sister to share her life with. I wanted them to become fast friends who needed each other, had fun together and could rely on each other.

The reality of it is, not only are they as different as night and day, but relationships of any kind take work. So, I started praying about their friendship. Praying that God will place his hand of blessing on them and help them to see things that I can tell them, but are better off learned first hand. (Like how to appreciate and enjoy each other's differences and rely on the other's strengths.)

I have envisioned my girls sharing a room since Reese was pronounced female. However, since we lived in a newer home, the rooms were small, and they each got their own. Now that we live in an older home and the rooms are substantially larger, the girls will share one of the upstairs bedrooms when Reese is ready to move to a big girl bed. (That isn't too far off by the way.) Over the past few nights, I have pulled out the trundle under Reia's bed; and while Reese and I lay on it, Reia lays on her bed and we read books. Reese has even taken to getting under the covers and acting as if she would stay there. (I tried; she would not.) But in that testing of the waters, I am seeing the most precious relationship bloom. They both peer at each other and giggle and talk to each other. Reia tries to coax Reese into staying with her every night by getting her blankets and dollies. Reese pops up and down from her little trundle to make sure Reia is still in her bed. And while I'm reading Reese tries to make Reia laugh by sticking her finger up my nose. Totally distracts from the reading process, but to hear those two squeal in delight is utterly worth it.

I look forward to these sweet moments turning into an amazing sisterly relationship. It makes watching them grow up so fast more memorable and a little less sad.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Posts Just Make Me Laugh (Really Hard)

If you haven't checked out Toni, you must go now and read this post. Too funny! I would love to know if anyone else decides to put thier pics in the game.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Through the Eyes of a Child

I love how children think. Reia spent the weekend at a wedding with my mom, dad, sister and her daughter in Marked Tree, Arkansas. When she returned home she told Terry's mom, "The lady's dress stayed up even though she didn't have sleeves or anything." referring to her strapless bridal gown.

I Did It!

I have changed the name of my blog if you haven't noticed. I wish I could change my URL, but alas, I don't think I can without totally making a new blog. Maybe I'll ask my fantabulous hubby about that. Moving back to the name change, when Reia was born my mother in law called her Little Bits (she called Reese, Itty Bits when she was born). Since my mission is to be a good wife and mom I thought using her nickname was appropriate and fun. So, here's to a new name and a new outlook on blogging. (I'm still debating on the new look though.)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Blog for Thought

Bloggers have me thinking, or re-thinking, my blogging philosophy. It's been some time, but Lori had posted about not allowing her blogging relationships to replace her need for relationships with those she could connect with in person. (She also blogged about being present with her kids, which is something that is frequently on my mind.) And Carol blogged last week with her thirteen tips (and there were 13 number 13's which I thought was a hoot) for new bloggers as well as some of the following questions related to blogging:

--How do find the blogs you read regularly? Through other bloggers' recommendations? Their sidebar links? Search engines? Through comments left on your blog? Something else?

-- When you leave a comment, do you frequently return to that post to check for the author's response?

-- What types of situations might cause you to stop reading a blog that you once enjoyed?, and more... (No, I do not know how to get you to the exact post. Just scroll down on her blog and you will see it.)

Both posts are well worth the read, but it got me to thinking. When (for me) is blogging too much of a priority in my life? I could spend all day trying to be the "perfect" blogger. Leaving the right comments, trackback, linking to others etc, has my mind spinning a bit. How often do I check my e-mail to see if someone commented? I seem to spend a lot of time trying to write something that is funny, spiritual, touching or all three! This is okay if you are a writer who has a quick witty style. I just don't.

I recently ordered a new blog skin for my site, and was going to get an blog counter (or whatever you call it), but I realized I would be in too deep if I did that. Suddenly there would be a quantifier on my blogging relationships. Because it does matter to me who visits, comments and how many times. It matters to me if what I write is perceived as good or funny or touching by others. I wanted to have this "really cute blog" with new skin, but I realized that the relationships on the other side of this screen are starting to matter to me as much (if not more) as those I have on the other side of the door.

Therefore, I have a created a blogging philosophy or mission statement if you will. Since I do enjoy blogging and the relationships I have built through it, and want to continue on, but not at the sacrifice of what I need to be doing outside of my blog, my personal statement is as follows:

It is my desire to use my blog to Glorify God, create an account of my life with Terry and the girls so they can look back one day and read all of the wonderful, silly, amazing things God has done for us and others, relate to other bloggers in way only blogging can allow, and pray God will bless me with amazing friendships through this community I might not have otherwise had. I will not be so into blogging that I don't meet the people in my neighborhood; take time away from the girls or Terry; become obsessive about the details of my blog. ie: numbers.

Please note: This was not intended to be a tap on the shoulder for anyone. I just happen to struggle with these issues and saw it getting out of hand. I am still changing the name of my blog. TBA Soon!

My Husband Is Pretty Cool

With all of the problems that have been happening with Blogger lately, I've been a little frustrated. Not being able to write a post without losing it because Blogger won't save. Not being able to spellcheck. And, not being able to comment have been huge bummers for me. So, while we were sitting and watching the Mavs game last night, (they won!) I was typing out a post into my GMail so I could just save it there and then copy and paste it when Blogger wasn't having constipation issues, Terry comments about how nice it would be if I could just email my post to Blogger. Gmail autosaves every few minutes so I don't have to and I have spell check. It did sound like a great idea, but, um Terry, I can't do that, so whatever. I went to bed.

As I was getting ready this morning, I can hear him messin' on my computer. I get a "Hey Robin" filled with a little bit of giddiness, "Get in here." Nevermind the fact that I was blow drying my hair and I have a very short window with the short hair in which to get it done right. I go anyway because I love my man. He has figured out a way for me to type a post into my Gmail (which I am doing now) and when I send it, it automatically posts to my blog. Personally, I think he is a genius.

The only thing I don't know about is link love. So, I'm linking to BooMama here to see. Time to post!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Stuff Table

0. We have a table at church called "The Stuff Table". It's the place where you can get books, tapes, and other odds and ends. I thought, after I typed all the other, that I should mention why I called this post what I did.

1. I am sitting in my living room "watching" the NBA finals. I promised Terry I would watch with him if the Mavs made it. After what felt like an eternity, I got up to check and see if Blogger was working. Terry looked at me and said, "49 seconds? That's all you're putting into this game?" I did get his laptop out of it.

2. Why, when you go swimming, even if you don't get wet all the way up to your armpits, do you have to re-apply deodorant later? Mine is always gone.

3. I have gotten pretty bad about making my bed in the morning. Mainly because I am trying desperately to figure out how to get back in it. My house always feels cleaner, whether it is or not, when I have made my bed.

4. I miss Reia. She is gone until Sunday on a trip with my parents. Note: Do not watch a show on tornadoes in which a 4 year old dies when your own four year old will be out of your sight for several days. I called and asked her if she was sure she didn't want me to come get her. She turned me down. I feel the love. I know it was because they had bought Twinkies and Ding Dongs for the trip. She has never had either. I could see the light in her eyes when she saw them.

5. Why does gas automatically spike 20 cents when Iran threatens to cut us off? Can't we just wait and see if they actually do it?

6. Did Texas ever have actual seasons? Or, have we always gone straight from Winter to Summer and back again? It was 100 degree today. Yeah, I know it's June, but it's been pretty warm for a while. On a nice note, we were sitting outside enjoying the weather (70's) in March when other parts of the country were under 5 feet of snow.

7. I have a friend who calls the lottery a "Math Tax on Stupid People". He plays when he travels. I just think that is funny--ironic and ha ha kind of funny.

8. I now understand why my mom threatened to have me go live with the gypsies, and why my dad said, "If you think you need to cry, I'll give you something to cry about." If every day as a SAHM were like yesterday, I would go back to work.

9. I like football, hockey and baseball (in person not on tv), but I just don't get basketball. We are halfway through the second quarter though! Let's have a moment of silence and pray they win in four games.

10. They really are making a Miami Vice movie. Just saw the commercial. I loved that show when I was in high school. Probably shouldn't admit that one.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen--From LAST week. It was such a good idea from Sarah I had to work on it. The reason I am doing this TT is for my daughter. We are a lot alike, I tend to be over critical of myself and I can see where I am on her as well. So, I am trying to choose things that I see in her as well. I guess this is really thirteen things I love about me and a few things that apply to HER!

1. I have small feet. Even though they have grown a half size with each pregnancy, I am still only a size 6. It's nice, particularly since I am only 5'2". I don't like feet in general, so I need all of the help I can get! Reia already has feet on the small side. Her friends are all in sizes 10 and up, she's just an 8. Love the hand me down shoes we get.

2. I love to entertain. Truly, I could have people over three or four times a week. Reia could also have people over every day if I allowed it.

3. I am low maintenance. I pretty much go with the flow on just about everything. This means my house is never absolutely perfect, my kids may leave the house without having cute hair, I may or may not shower before I go to Target, but I am not going to see the President or anything and Jesus looks at the heart, right?!

4. I love to cook. That does not mean I am great at it, but I do try! (but I'm not bad at it either)

5. I have straight teeth even without braces. Let's hope both my kids get this.

6. I am very frugal. I have learned to be since Terry and I stick to a budget. People who can be frugal and content have a gift. I'm working on the second half of that still.

7. I still get together with my best friends from high school. They are fabulous, loving and don't care if it's been two weeks or 10 months since we talked; we always start right where we left off.

8. I am naive. I am always totally surprised when I find out someone I know does something a little underhanded or just plain wrong. I usually see the good in people--which is good for the most part.

9. Blue Eyes. I just like them and I like them on Reia. Now as far as brown goes, Terry and Reese both have the most gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen.

10. I don't always feel or act like my age. Although I look my age. That is a realization I have just come to. Just a little Peter Pan syndrome I guess.

11. I was smart enough to marry a godly man.

12. I will try just about any style or color with my hair. I've been short, long, curly , straight, and every shade of red and blonde imaginable. Terry never knows what to expect when I come home from the stylist.

13. This last one is something I love about Reia--her laugh. Not her "I'm just trying to be silly" laugh, but her gut laugh that she has when she is with her little friends. I LOVE IT. It's the cutest thing I have ever heard, and I pray she never stops.

Works for Me ---Today

Works for me Wednesday a little late or early...which ever way you want to go!

I love to have people over. I especially love to have people over at the last minute. I always keep a Stouffers frozen lasagna and Cole's garlic bread in the freezer for those "just in case" events. Stouffers is not going to be as good as homemade of course, but it is good enough in a pinch and the hostess has no stress, people are fed and everyone, including said hostess, gets to visit!

Catching Up

I am so behind on the multitude of things I want to post, so I borrowed Terry's laptop so I can multi-task. We are watching the season finale to The Apprentice. At first Terry said he didn't know if I should be able to use his laptop. He's afraid of "feeding the addiction". Just so every one knows, he got me started with blogging over a year ago.

My manners camp was cancelled this week due to lack of participation. Most parents don't teach their kids manners anymore, and apparently they don't want anyone else to either. I therefore have some time on my hands that I had not anticipated. I was going to spend my day at home today cleaning, playing with the girls and blogging my heart out. But, blogger refused to cooperate. I wasn't even able to leave comments. Even now I see the "Could not connect to" at the bottom. Humm, let's "Test connection now." Nothing...

I'll just keep typing and pray I don't lose it all. Okay, my fantabulous honey just saved my post somewhere I can get it later. Where was I? Oh yeah, blogging catch up. I am going to post last week's Thursday Thirteen inspired by Sarah and a Works for Me Wednesday that I have been meaning to post for three weeks now. Now you will know I am alive over here!

Monday, June 05, 2006

I Had this Whole Post

But Blogger is being a booger today and I just lost it...all. So now no one will ever hear about my adventures all last week against the "poo", baby poo that is, because I am not retyping it. I guess for those of you who just breathed a sigh of relief, it's a good thing.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Heard at My House Today

"Mom, if your face had spots on it you could use Proactive."--Reia
"Umm, what are you watching in there?"---Me
"Magic School Bus"--Reia
under my breath "Glad it's something educational."

The Apple

I sigh. A lot. Big, huge heavy sighs of frustration, disgust or just "what were they thinking?" kind of sighs. How do I know this? Reia has started to sigh. A lot. Big, huge heavy sighs of frustration, disgust, or "what is Reese thinking?" When the girls in a particularly lovely mood I sigh more than I actually talk.

I have noticed it more and more on her which leads me to the alarming fact that the apple does not fall far from the tree. You don't notice how ugly a habit is until your 4 year old starts it. Yesterday we were in the car on our way to McDonald's (where a Happy Meal has gone to $3.79, but that is another post all together.) and the traffic came to a stand still. We could see McD's, but not get to it. To which this was my daughter's response:

*Big, heavy sigh* "Mom, can't they just start moving up there. I can see McDonald's, and if they would just move, we could go ahead and eat." *Big, heavy sigh #2* She also had her hand motions all in line with her frustration.

Oy vey.