Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

...and since I was on the phone and couldn't take one, I hope this does it justice.

Picture it, my house two hours ago. I am working on the computer and the girls are eating lunch. I am staying away since I am fasting and don't want to be reminded I am the only one in the house who can't eat right now. Reia comes and asks if she can make herself another jelly sandwich since she is still hungry. Since I have been reading The Mommy Manual I decide it is a good thing that I allow her to foster some more independence and give the green light. I hear the usual cling-clanging of her on the stool, opening jars etc. What I don't realize is that Reese has escaped her booster and is "helping" her sister. (That's what I needed today, a knife wielding 18 month old.)

So, Reia comes to me to apologize for the mess she made. Do I bother to go and check the mess, Noooooooo. I just ask her what kind of mess has been made. Ok, she just couldn't get the extra bread into the trash. Doesn't sound so bad to me, so I KEEP WORKING like a total moron instead of immediately getting up to check said "mess".

Here is what I find:

Reese has one hand in the jelly jar and the other in the peanut butter container. Swishing them around and then using them like little paint brushes on the countertop. The bread that didn't make it to the trash can is squished and also smeared over the countertop.

I have also chosen the moment before I walk into the kitchen to make a phone call to a woman I have never talked to before in regards to my job as the craft coordinator for this years Adventure Week at Uptown. My first words to her were, "I know you just answered but I have to yell at my kids for a moment and didn't want to just hang up on you since you have caller ID and could potentially call me back and chew me out."

I didn't yell at them by the way. I tried really hard to not laugh my head off at the situation. Of course the person I called did laugh as she heard what was going on. She really laughed when she could tell I was chasing Reese with a wet cloth to wash her up. (We were having an actual conversation at that point.) Reese, thinking this was wildly funny, ran all over the house and then I actually lost her! Yes, I couldn't find my kid covered in PB&J.

I really wished I had a picture, or better yet a video, of all of this. Because I'm sure it is way funnier than this will all seem in print. Since I don't really scrapbook anymore, this will have to do!


Maria said...

That totally makes me cringe. I would have been so tempeted to do the same thing and then been in a huge quandry. How do I clean all of this up before my peanut allergic BIL and niece show up.

BooMama said...

That cracks me up - especially the part about you chasing Reese with a wet cloth while on the phone with a stranger. Children are humbling little creatures, aren't they? :-)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Oh Robin, Sarah was telling me about her day with "D" and red jello, etc. I read your blog and told her, hurry, go read Robin's blog - you'll feel much better!

Sarah said...

Are you trying to one-up me in who's having the worst week??? At least I can turn to food for comfort . . .Oops, that wasn't nice :)

Robin said...

No it WAS NOT! I'm starving and the girls have leftover ravioli and waffles on the counter. (Don't look at me like that. You'll let them eat whatever they want that takes less than 1 min to make so you don't have to see or smell it when you are this hungry.)

Shelley said...

Actually, it was pretty funny in writing.

BooMama said...

If you have the strength to type when you get home from church :-), I'm tagging you for a simple little meme. Don't hate me.

And I really did pray for you today - and for your church.

Addie said...

OH, This was too funny. I could totally see the swishing of the PB&J! And hear the giggling. Cute!

theresa said...

You brave gal...I can't believe you actually trusted Reia's response along with the faint giggles coming from the kitchen.

I know your girls have been busy because you are a blogging queen today!