Monday, May 29, 2006

Let's Parade Baby!

Let's Parade Baby!
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This picture doesn't even come close to doing the parade justice. We had to quit early as the Barbie Jeep couldn't keep up! That's okay though. Tons of people turned out in wagons, cars, bicycles and more all decorated in the red white and blue. I was amazed at the number of kids who live in our neighborhood, and I was able to meet lots of moms at the block party later. I even got invited to a playgroup which is something I really miss from yesteryear. Ok, just wanted to share. You can look at more of the pics if you click on the Flickr box in the sidebar.


Addie said...

Look how cute they look! All of those pictures were fun! I love that you all have this. I've heard that our neighborhood closes for the 4th of July and has a block party. I hope so, it's sounds like so much fun!

(BTW - we have the same jeep and I just found out the other day that you can enable a higher speed on it. You just unscrew a screw on the lever.)

HolyMama! said...

they look so cute! riding in a parade in a barbie jeep? that's the stuff little girl dreams are made of - how cooL!

Leslie said...

What a great picture! How fun!