Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am...

Okay, I have to catch up on MeMe's. I was tagged by BooMama on this one. It's been fun reading every one else's.

I am...a blogaholic (according to my husband's comment as he just walked by).

I be in the center of God's will.

I wish...someone would make totally guilt free chocolate that also tastes good.

I be in traffic. I am THE MOST impatient driver. Really, don't people just know they are in my way and need to move it?!

I down the street from my friends and enjoying their company daily.

I hear...Reia as she is coming down the stairs at 3am.

I wonder...if I'll be able to get back to sleep within two hours after getting her back to sleep.

I regret...not being more laid back with my first child. (Don't read too many books. They make you totally paranoid.)

I am not...anal retentive or OCD or very structured or very organized--although I sometimes try.

I dance...only with my kids. Usually to the end of Lazytown and the Backyardigans.

I sing...Let's just say I'm glad the Bible says "make a joyful noise" and not "make beautiful melodies and harmonies to God"

I A Baby Story, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Miracle Workers, last nights episode of House...clearly, it doesn't take much

I am not always...on time. (But mostly. I cannot stand to be late. I would rather be an hour early than 15 min late.)

I girls smile when we play "fort" in the house.

I write...because it's fun!

I confuse...cliche's, and badly. If I can think of an example, I'll update this post later. **I am updating this to change it to I Confuse...fiction and non-fiction. See "I Should..." below!

I be okay with who God made me and stop trying to compare myself with others.

I more non-fiction. Okay, it was late and I was tired, and I meant fiction. Good gravy. I haven't read any fiction in 4 years that wasn't a children's book.

I start...several sewing projects a year

I finish...every last Reese's Peices in the bag, but only about half of my sewing projects. Reia's baby blanket is still in the works. Well, I guess it's a blanket for my grandkids at this point!

Hummm. Who to tag who hasn't been already. How about Jennifer and Kristie. They are two friends of mine who don't blog often, but might get a kick out of this!


BooMama said...

Just a second ago David looked over at me (while I was typing furiously) and gave me the smirkiest smirk in all of smirkdom. So blogaholic, yes, me too. :-)

I'm a totally impatient driver. I actually HONKED at a woman today...and she had a handicapped tag hanging from her rearview mirror. And I honked at her. Peace of the Lord be with you, ma'am.

In conclusion..."ridin' the range, ridin' the range, let's go, ridin' the range, YAHOO!" You should see the little man and me dance to the Backyardigans. It would frighten you.

Thanks for doing this, Robin. So fun to read.

theresa said...

I wanna see you play fort in the house! :) I too am becoming a blogaholic - it's getting worse now that my husband has been out of town!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I think the fact that you are an impatient driver makes dallas a perfect place for you to live; and being able to admit it is something. My phone conversations with sarah when shes driving are scary! Every minute it sounds like shes about to be hit or hit someone!

Sarah said...

Don't children's books count as fiction? Honestly, most of them are better than a lot of adult fiction out there!

praynlady said...

Addie tagged me the other day and I really enjoyed filling it out! It was strangely calming! To put down the first thing that came to mind and look back at it and think..Cool!

Sadly, I too, am a "blogaholic"

Should we start a new blog just for those of us who need to blogfess? haha

"Confessions of CBW" (Christian blogging women!)

janice said...

good list!

my son is watching Backyardigans right now - that song sticks in my head forever. And with him or at rock conerts is the only time I dance pretty much. I am just NOT a good dancer.

Anne Jackson said...

awesome learning more about you :)

Christy said...

Hi. I got here from Stephanie's blog . I enjoyed reading today. Its nice to meet you. My husband is an evangelist and I see yours is a pastor. That is awesome. GOd bless you and your family.

Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

hey i posted mine too. i loved reading yours. thanks