Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fasting: Not for the Faint of Heart

Today is the church wide fast in order to be in prayer for the Town and Country program to raise the funds needed for the new satellite campus at Uptown and 1100 acre area in East Texas slotted for childrens' camps and other events. I have tried to fast before and have always, let me repeat ALWAYS given up by noon or so. I decided that God didn't really put it on my heart like I thought and next time I would listen more carefully before attempting such an endeavor.

It is 11:16 am and I can feel my blood sugar dropping. (This was not the best day for me to decide to go on a 30 minute power walk with the kids.) I have five people I could call to make me feel better about giving up. Two are pregnant so they don't have to participate without any scorn if they so desired, two have moved and no longer attend Fellowship so they are off the hook and one probably feels the same way I do. If I call her we'll make the fastest plans you have ever seen to meet at McDonald's. You know, so the "kids can play". So I can't eat or talk on the phone. (A phone fast is something I really am about to do, but that is another post and for another reason.)

So here I sit wondering how I am going to make it until 7pm when the fast ends at Emergent (our Wednesday night service) with communion. I am already predicting we'll run out of those little wafers after the first five rows and five thousand people will converge on the 12 or so restaurants across the street after church like pirhana!

Wish me luck. Hopefully I won't have gnawed my own arm off by this evening. I will confess I did have a diet Dr. Pepper this morning. It doesn't have any calories and I desperately need the caffeine, so I'm sure God will still listen to my hunger ridden prayers anyway.


Jimmy Williams said...


You can do this! We went through a three week time of prayer and fasting, it was the hardest thing I have ever done, but God proved that He is stronger and is the one who sustains us! The thing that helped me and I know this sounds "super Christian" is I actually prayed through my hunger! It was so amazing, and God showed our staff and church so much during this time! Praying!

P.S. What happened to Terry's blog?

Sorry for the length! And I know you dont know me, but I have been reading Terry's blog for over a year! He is such a blessing to so many (I know you know that!)

Sarah said...

Robin, I won't even tell you what I'm doing while reading this. Of course, I did do the media fast, and pregnancy does get me off the hook for this one (thank heavens! And actually, breastfeeding gives me another year . ..) But I'm proud of you for doing it, and you've only got about 6 hours left!!

Robin said...

6 hours. Hummm. that's only 12 shows on Noggin and I know how fast that goes by! =)

BooMama said...

The 12 shows on Noggin part made me laugh out loud. FUN-ny. I manage my entire day in Noggin increments ("LOOK! It's JACK'S BIG MUSIC SHOW!" the mama says excitedly while grabbing the laptop at the same time).

Hey, seriously - I'm going to pray for you right now. I tried to do a fast about a month ago, and I caved by noon. I know that you can't do this in your own strength - so I'll ask God to give you a little boost.

Keep us posted.

theresa said...

So glad we talked this am while getting all the food talk out. Anyhoo, here's a cheer for you...


K, did that help? :)

You go girl - don't let the idea of eating become more important than prayer!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

Janna said...

Robin, you are totally right. Fasting is not for the faint of heart and definitely not something to do for the wrong motives. I've fasted once for 24 hours with nothing but water to drink. (Oh, I think I may have had a piece of gum or two, but I think God heard my prayers). Thanks for sharing!