Monday, May 08, 2006

A Centerpiece

Today while Reia and I were cleaning up her room she showed me a bowl on her little wooden table that was now also covered with a tablecloth blanket. "Mom, this is for my centerpiece."

"Oh really. What exactly is a centerpiece?"

"Well, it's a bowl or vase that you put flowers in to sit in the middle of your table while you have tea."

"I think it is just lovely!"

And a big thank you to Shiloh--her afternoon tea date. I love it when she learns something fun from friends. This is one reason of many that playdates are so great!


BooMama said...

I think Miss Reia is a girl after my own heart. :-) Too cute.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

we just had a spring luncheon - all about tea. never too young to teach them! xoxoxo

LoneStarLady said...

Shiloh and Reia are really starting to bond - I love it! Centerpiece, huh? Maybe we have some little interior decorators on our hands. Precious.