Wednesday, April 19, 2006

She's A Superfreak, Superfreak; She's superfreaky-ow!

All right. So, I've been tagged by Addie on this whole 6 or more things that I am freakish in nature about. I could have totally used about 4 of hers; so now I have to come up with originals! Ok, I may just have to copy one of hers. Of course, since I'm not OCD like my wondermous friend Theresa, it may take some thought. Here goes:

1. I love to combine words. Take the above wondermous, for example. Wonderful and fabulous all in one. That's how much I love ya TLo! I also like the word slickery--slick and slippery. Ok, moving on.

2. I do have to ditto one thing from Addie. The foot thing. Truly--I hate them. Feet are just ugly and stinky. When I was in high school, I never, even in the heat of summer, went without socks in public. Then I resorted to curling my toes under so no one could see them. Now, I just get a pedicure once a month and buy really cute shoes when possible.

3. I'm an over-apologizer. If I think I have offended or hurt your feelings in the least way, I will call you immediately to beg forgiveness. Ask my friend Sarah. She's seen this trait of mine more than anyone. Truly, she's not over sensitive. So, I don't have any idea why I do it. Please don't psycho-analyze me on this one.

4. Somewhat similar to Addie's color thing. I assign gender to animals. For example, all cats are girls and dogs are boys. Somehow they still manage to re-populate. I'm not sure how since I am certain there is no tab a into slot b for any animal on the earth by my gender assignment. Bugs are all boys except the ladybug, btw.

5. I have to have the bed made a certain way. Terry has really even stopped trying in this matter. It's pointless. I just go behind him and fix it. Although, it is ok if he is helping me and we make the bed together. This has been hard when it comes to teaching Reia to make the bed. I really have to "let it go". Today she informed me she just slept on top of the covers so she didn't have to make it. Can't say that I blame her!

6. The Kitchen is MINE! Please don't help me clean it. I will even put it off until the next day so I can #1: enjoy the company of my guests until they leave without the pressure of someone asking me to help; #2: do things the way I like it! But I do appreciate you're offering to help.

I would really like to know what Sarah, Sarah Anne, Holly and Richelle are freaky about. Holly and Richelle--this gives you the perfect opportunity to blog again!


theresa said...

Thanks for the sweet, kind words on #1 (blushing) and regarding #6. I promise I will never try to do your dishes again when you have us over. I will kindly sit in the stool at the counter and have conversation with you - just like you ask!! (smiles) Do you even have a counter at the new house?

Addie said...

I Love your #1. You should use them frequently in your blogs, so that we can all steal them. :D

I agree with #6 too. I would much rather enjoy my time with company. (And I'm kinda anal about how the dishwasher is loaded!)

Fun list! Thanks for playing along!

BooMama said...

Yours and Addie's gender thing for colors / animals cracks me up. And I love your "tab a into slot b" comment, too. So funny.

All I can say about your #5 and #6 is YES MA'AM. It's taken almost nine years, but I have finally - FINALLY - convinced my husband that there's an art to making up the bed. A friend of mine tells me that I have too many "stunt pillows" :-), but I like the beds to be very pretty, and they also present tons of opportunities for accessorizing a room. Not that I'm OCD. Or anything.

I am SO particular about how my dishwasher is loaded, and I would rather get in the kitchen by myself and get it like I like it than to have "help."

Loved your list! Can't wait to read your "simple things" one.

Nancy said...

I get the animal gender thing. As a child I thought of cats as girls and dogs as boys. (Our dog was a girl, though; go figure.) I don't think this extended much further, but maybe I did....deer/girls, turtles/boys, rabbits/girls, etc.....anyway, aren't butterflies girls?

I have to say that I like well-groomed feet. I don't find them ugly at all. My husband and I love going on Windjammer Barefoot cruises, and shoes are barely allowed....not for you, I would guess. : )