Thursday, April 20, 2006

Homeschooling and the Price of Gas

After listening to the news regarding the price of gas and how it may very likely jump to $5 a gallon this summer, I am contemplating starting homeschooling Reia early. Quite frankly, at that price I don't know that I will go anywhere that is not within a 5 mile radius of our house. So this will fill our days stuck in the house because what I am sure will be million degree heat.

Technically, we have a whole year before she needs to start, but I am getting excited about the whole thing. I am so exicted to be her guidepost in the learning process. It also doesn't hurt that if we try it early and we really want to hurt each other by the end of the summer/year, we have time to put her in a traditional school!

If early homeschooling happens, my blog will certainly become a little more home-schooling centered. Hope that doesn't keep you guys from reading it. =)


Addie said...

$5 a gallon?!? Yikes!!!

Well, I might still come around! ;)

I actually kind of consider myself a part-time homeschooler. She's in half day kindergarten. In the afternoon, we work nearly every day for about 45 minutes on different things. Phonics, arithmatic, etc. This summer, we'll probably do quite a bit too.

So I guess maybe I'll still stick around for pointers. :)

The Sweet Diva said...

Oh dear... I will be sad if it goes to $5.00 a gallon! That is just wrong! I will feel trapped in Frisco for sure. I will have to get more downtown deliveries so I can stop by and visit you!