Thursday, April 20, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures

Heather encouraged the LBY group to post our 10 simple pleasures. I think it is a wonderful idea and have enjoyed reading several others. So, here are mine.

1. An afternoon nap where both girls are either asleep or at grandma's so I can really rest. Not just lay there and pretend to nap with one eye and ear open.

2. Snuggling and reading books with Reia at night before she goes to bed.

3. When Reese actually lets me rock her to sleep. I love it when you feel them give way into slumber leaning up against you.

4. Date night with my husband. (Tonight was Thai food and a Ranger's game.)

5. Standing in front of the kitchen window when the temperature is just right and a cool breeze is blowing through. I could do dishes all day like that.

6. When Reese runs up to me with her arms wide open and just falls into my arms laughing and smiling.

7. Watching Terry and the girls play hide and seek when he gets home from work. Reese always runs after Terry and gives away his spot by pointing and shrieking at him. I think Reia has secretly trained her. If Reese isn't playing, Reia immediately walks up to me and asks, "Have you seen Daddy?"

8. Finding the perfect gift for someone I care about.

9. Sitting outside when it is about 75 degrees and reading a book while the girls play in the backyard.

10. Listening to Reia pray.


BooMama said...

Your #3 is one of my favorite, FAVORITE things in the whole wide world. There's just nothing sweeter on earth.

Chaotic Mom said...

Hmmm... Maybe I need a cool breeze to help me do dishes? ;)

I like your list. Very peaceful. I especially liked #10. My middle child has been really getting into talking with God. It's been cool to watch.

Addie said...

Reading all of these so completely relaxed me! :) I liked doing my own list, but I think it's almost more fun to read others. You made me think of so many more simple pleasures than what I thought of. I can't even pick out just one, they were all just Perfect-o. (I tried combining perfect with like fantastic or wonderful, but I just don't have your 'mad skilz'.)

owlhaven said...

Great list!

Mary, mom to many, one of whom just fell asleep in my arms

theresa said...

Sweet list - I think I have to agree with all of them except for reading the book part :-)