Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why Children

I have decided that the reason God made it so we could give birth to small babies and have them become small children (other than giving birth to the larger version would surely kill us) is the following:

He wants us to know what we are truly like as adults. He wants us to go, "Oh, I do this to you, Lord, don't I?"

Take for example my sweet Reia. She rarely naps. When she does it means she'll be up until midnight or so. So, unless I think she really needs one, I don't make her. Today was one of those days. Cranky, crying for NO reason, screaming at me that she WAS NOT tired and not going to take a nap--as I am looking at her and thinking to myself, "But darling, I know you. I know you so much better than you know yourself. And you are at the limit right now. You need rest." After a disciplinary action, she laid in bed for "room time". Five minutes later she was fast asleep.

So, I came downstairs and said, "Lord, I do that to you, don't I?"

**On a side note. I can't tell you how happy I am that the yard guy came to mow today right under the girls' windows. (Dripping with sarcasm.)

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