Sunday, March 05, 2006


Sometimes as a mom you just need a break. I started writing a post on frustrating and chaotic the past week has been for me and the girls, but then I read Leslie's post about blessings (she attributed it to Lori's blog) and God brought a woman to my mind I haven't thought of in years. Her name was Rocky.

The thing about Rocky is that when I was 10 she was probably 23. I'm sure she seemed ancient to me at the time, but looking at it now, she was very young to have a husband and 3 children. The oldest was 5 and the youngest was about 18 months. She and her husband Robert were friends of my parents and lived a very modest lifestyle in Benton, Ark. Shortly after we moved to Texas she found out she had cancer and subsequently passed away leaving a husband and three very little boys without a mom.

I know I am blessed. Frankly, most of us are beyond what we deserve. That is the grace and mercy of God. I was suddenly glad that even though the girls had been sick, we had insurance and could take them to see a doctor. The medicine we needed was available and not a fortune. I was glad we have a comfortable home and comfortable beds for them to rest in.

I'm usually pretty quick to count my blessings, especially those on the grander scale; but, I often forget to thank God for the little things.

So, thank you God for each day I wake up next to my sweet husband, those little faces clamoring to get me up and make some chocolate milk and fruit loops, and that I get to stay home and watch them grow up each and every day. It is a blessing even when I'm having a calgon moment--which happened precisely 32 times last week. =)


Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

what a wonderful post!

Addie said...

Great post! It is so easy to forget just how blessed we truly are! Thanks for sharing a lesson from your Calgon week. ;-)

theresa said...

I'm going to need to save this one and refer back to it on several occasions. Especially now...tks!