Friday, March 31, 2006

LBY Week #1: Distractions

I know I am supposed to have a table with links to everyone participating in the study, but I am so not good at this type stuff. I did try, but I can't seem to type with the table on there. Hopefully I will be able to work on this over the next 9 weeks! However, the links to fellow LBY bloggers should be to the left of my blog labeled "LBY Bloggers"--naturally.

After one week of study I can tell you one thing for sure. Satan does not want me (or anyone else I'm sure) to begin, continue or complete this study. I got a late start due to some computer issues which my husband wasn't able to help me with until Monday night. So my first day of homework was Tuesday. Every day since then has been total chaos and I haven't been able to carve a niche of time where someone or something wasn't interrupting or distracting me. I was doing the homework and really trying to listen to the Holy Spirit, but Satan is good at what he does--bring disorder and confusion.

Ladies, I tell you know he will not keep me from my appointed hour with God! It's amazing how the Holy Spirit can get through to you even when you're not sure you're really even paying attention. I just wanted to comment on what I really felt convicted by this week-- how powerful our sphere of influence as women is. And more importantly, how large it is. Beyond our spouse, kids and other family is every person we come into contact with on a daily basis.

I love God so much and it pains my heart to realize how often I have been a negative influence in someone's life. Not directing them towards God or not even caring to direct them at all. Joy and truth should imminate from my very being. I know God is putting me on the path towards that trough this study.

Sorry, this is a short post. I'm not much of a "bloveler" (a person who writes blovels, which are novel length entries just in case I lost anyone with my jargon!) God is usually pretty suscinct with me. "Robin, please, if you will just work on this for now..." I may need to do this study five times before I get all I need to out of it.


Robin said...

Okay, this post looks longer once it was published. Maybe I am a bloveler and didn't know it!

Addie said...

Nah, it wasn't long at all.

This was something that God spoke to me on also. Lately I've been irritated with another in this area. But this week, as the irritation re-occured, it hit me. "How can you possibly see their fault with that plank in your eye!" OK, so I am also guilty in this area. It made it a little easier to let go of my irritation with them. I also better understood the damage I can cause in someone else's life.

Chaotic Mom said...

I had a HUGE problem with distractions and disorder this week.

But I've really felt a tug in my heart from God, and that's been really cool.

You've hit the nail on the head re: sphere of influence, what I was feeling but couldn't really put to words. This is something God is going to have to work on in my heart, too.

Thank you for being so open in your post! ;)

Rachel said...

I too feel so ashamed of the times I have used my influence in a negative way. And yes, Satan will attack us all for the next 10 weeks. Be sure to read Carol's post at She Lives. She hit it right on the head. We have got to be praying for each other! I enjoyed your post.
Have a great weekend!

BooMama said...

I'm definitely a bloveler. Maybe I need an editor. :-) But I'm definitely NOT always mindful of that "sphere of influence" outside of my home - so thanks for reminding me.

Janna said...

Blovelers! I love that phrase. I try not to do that also.

Influence is quite the popular theme these days!

Lauren said...

You brought great points, the distractions and the influence. I definitely experienced the distractions and we'll all need to be praying for ourselves and each other about that. Also, the influence which is something that I had not given enough thought to until Beth mentioned it. Thanks for sticking it out, God's made it clear that we all need each other in this study.

janice said...

The distractions are real, but it sure is good God works His teaching in anyway.

I too have learned so much this week and from reading everyone's posts.

I was really convicted also about the negative influence thing. It is scary to think of how often I have done or said the opposite of what I should have. I really want to pray to remember my influence and to be conscious of how God wants me to react.

eph2810 said...

Robin what wonderful thoughts. I don't write long posts either. Sometimes all the things are in my head, but for some reason I just can't put them on paper much less on the internet. :) You know, you are right saying that the Spirit continues to work and somtimes thoughts come to mind when I don't sit down and study, but just think of a particular Bible verse :)
I am so glad that you are part of the study. I will pray for all of us that we will find the 'quiet time' we need to work through the study next week.

Blair said...

LOL - I didn't think it was a Blovel :o)

You are not the only one who was grossly distracted this week Robin. I agree with you wholeheartedly that I found it extremely difficult to work without distractions (and I mean crazy stuff lol). I just pray that the Lord will place a protective hedge around us. God is seeking to grow us while satan is seeking to "devour us".

I'm glad you've joined in the study - don't worry about the code, the study is more important.

Many Hugs,

Carol said...

Huge distractions for me this past week! At our retreat this weekend, our speaker shared with us something she does when she sense the enemy is trying to prevent her from something she clearly knows God want her to do. She opens her Bible to a verse, preferably a promise from God, and stomps around the house, praying out loud and reading/reciting the verse out loud. Her prayers often are pleas to God that she knows the enemy is at work and she wants Him to keep her strong, keep her obedient, strengthen her faith and get the enemy out of the way in Christ's name. She says there's something powerful in reading the word aloud and praying aloud that just gives her strength.

I'm going to use that!

Carol said...

P.S. What do you call it when you leave a comment that's as long as a blovel?

GiBee said...

Carol -- it's a COVEL!!!

Robin -- I, too, was struck by the distractions! Satan does not want us benefiting from this study, because not only do WE benefit... so do all our readers.

As Lauren said... Let's all keep praying a headge around each other!!!

melinda said...

Hi there! What study are you going through? It sounds interesting. ;) Are you leading something for your church? My husband found your site for me through your husband's blog. We're church planter's in thought I'd say hi since I've been following your blog. :)