Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kool Kid Kart

Today when the housecleaning crew (Shelley so nicely calls them "the ladies") showed up, the girls and I went to Super Wal-mart to get out of their hair. I haven't been to a Super W since we moved in December. They are too far away now for me to just "run up to" anymore. So, we all hopped in the van and drove the 14.2 miles to the one in Plano. When we saw the sign over the horizon, Reia screamed "Look, mom, Super Wal-mart!" and the mother ship beckoned me home.

Anyway, Reese hates to be cooped up in a shopping cart; so when we went into the front doors and I saw that they had one of those carts that looks like a racing car, I thought, "Wal-mart justs gets better for me everytime." That's when it started.

I found out pretty quickly that you had to rent the cart for $1. Ok, I'll bite. After feeding the machine we took off. It was pretty cool. It had music inside and all kinds of buttons for the kids to push and play with. Unfortunately, with Reese that amusement only lasted about 10 min before she was trying to crawl out of the open front window. Crying ensues, suckers come out of the purse and I am shopping again with quiet kids. (Never underestimate the power of a dum-dum.)

Fast forward to the end of the trip. I didn't bother to read all of the writing on the inside of the cart and the man at the door who originally helped me- because I clearly didn't know what I was doing- didn't bother to tell me what the important writing was. As I get to the car, I realize the wheels are starting to lock up on me a little. That's ok, the car is right here and the area you return your baskets to in the parking lot is right beside my car. So I get the kids in the van, turn it on so they can watch the video, and unload the race car cart of my groceries.

Hum, now it won't move AT ALL! I can't even get it to the cart return area. So, I start looking and READING.
"Please transfer your groceries and belongings to a traditional cart before you travel to the parking area and return the cart to it's original area. Thank you."

And, there it sat in the middle of the parking lot as I drove away. I thought to myself, what goober came up with that? As if I, the average mom with 2-3 children, want to haul myself through the store, pay, get all of the groceries from the cashier to the race car cart just to have to move my 2-3 children and all of the groceries AGAIN to another cart.

Of course I will still go to Wal-mart; I just won't get any more fancy carts!

**In my defense of not reading all of the material, the carts similar to this at Tom Thumb, Lowes and Albertson's require no money and I can leave them right next to my car if need be.


Addie said...

Uh, Yeah! I was a little perturbed when I read the $1 dollar thing. But the locking wheels idea?!? That is really a dumb idea. That just ensures that you will leave it out there. Someone obviously did not think that idea out to it's natural conclusion. I'll be keeping my eye out for that here at our Wal-mart!

Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

LOL. That was really funny to read. Our walmart doesn't have those. Yeah, it does sound more trouble than it's worth to me too.

theresa said...

LOL - k, I really felt your pain by the whole thing on the phone...but now reading it on your blog it's hilarious! Luv Ya!

Carol said...

Just stopped by to thank you for visiting She Lives. I'm a SAHM also, but a wee bit farther along the road than you - no kiddies small enough to transfer from one shopping cart to the other anymore.

What an adventure!