Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blog Hopping

So today I was going from blog to blog through links on other people's blogs--blog hopping. I am not so naive as to think that every blogging mom thinks or behaves like I do. We're not all Christians and even if you are, your walk and convictions may be different than mine. However, for the life of me, I cannot understand how some of these "mommies" post such fowl language in their blogs.

I was reading one called Motherhood Uncensored, which I can't link to because I'm not sure what the URL was and probably wouldn't anyway, and thought I would really enjoy her blog if it weren't interspersed with a multitude of explicatives. Truly, what type of image are you trying to build using the words "f 'n " or "S***head'?

I feel like my mom when she would talk about smoking. "Do you think it will make you look cool?" Really, it just makes me wonder who your English teachers were that you don't have a broader vocabulary than that. (Previous comment is not an attack on English teachers, btw.)

Again, I know people talk like this all the time. I've had a few choice words out of my mouth a time or two (maybe more than that in high school), but don't you try to stop saying some things at least when you have kids so they don't start repeating it? Just food for thought. If I have offended anyone, you can just do what I did on these particular blogs--move on.

**On a side note, my spell checker isn't working so sorry if I am way off base in the spelling department!


Addie said...

It takes you by surprise somewhat, huh?!? Especially when they are using these words to refer to their children.

What I like about seeing these things though is that it opens me up a bit to how other people think. Sometimes I get a little to cocooned in my world. My friends (physical and blogging) tend to think a lot like me. I don't want to get caught in the trap of believing that is how everyone thinks.

Sad though, and definitely not a blog I want to hang around!

theresa said...

R, seems you stumbled around the ones I was blog hopping on the other night. Not sure if it's the same one. I was offended as well and stop short of reading too.

Keep in mind, blogs are personal...and I'm sure there are things that I post that offend others as well. Heck, posting about being a SAHM can be offensive to someone - who knows. We just need to stick to the ones that are godly based and help us grow in a way that we want be seen.