Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blank Space?

Ok, I need to know how many of you see a huge blank space when you first open my blog? I know Holly does and Theresa has mentioned it before, but when I open it on a new screen it looks totally fine.

If you do see it, do you know how to fix it?


Ashley Langford said...

Looks fine on a Mac using Safari or Firefox. But on Internet Explorer for Windows (which is inherently evil for web designers) there's a huge space. The space is as tall as the left side of your site (the menus and links). Could be a CSS problem but I think the problem is with one of the links you have.

This one:

It's too long for the width of your menu area. If you can shorten it and show it as Amy Elizabeth, I bet the problem will go away.

Hope that helps.

Robin said...

Okay, I deleted that one blog. Not sure how to just shorten it. Let me know if that changes anything.

Ashley Langford said...

Sorry, that didn't fix it. I tried.

Looking at the source code, I noticed a couple of things that weren't right. I don't know for certain if these are causing your problem though.

On your sidebar, you have an </ul> tag below, "<!-- End of Flickr Badge -->". However, I don't see where the opening < ul> tag for that is. There should be an opening < ul> tag and a closing </ul> tag. You probably just need to delete the </ul> tag here.

Also, you have:

< ul>
< script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=" ">< /script>
< ul>


< ul>
< script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="">< /script>
< ul>

On both, the bottom < ul> should be </ul> instead. With the slash. You need to close the tag.

This is probably too technical but Terry can help. IE can be less forgiving then the other browsers. Maybe that will fix it.

Robin said...

thanks for the help. this is point where greek and some french are being introduced, so i will just have terry take a look when he gets home. i know he'll be thrilled!

Ashley Langford said...

I had one other thought. I'm almost 100% sure this is what's causing your problem. It's not the tag mismatch in your sidebar area. When I looked at each blog entry page (for example - in Internet Explorer on Windows, there's no space problem. So the problem is only on your homepage. Something on your homepage is causing some wrapping for IE users. If you look at your entries on the homepage, the only one that exceeds the main content space is the orange Thursday Thirteen post. Temporarily hide that entry and see what happens.

That'll be $300. :P

Ashley Langford said...

Hide one more. Hide the Zoo entry. If you look in Safari on a Mac, you can see it's sticking out. Lot of pain to troubleshoot I know, but at least you'll know what you can and cannot post using this design template.

Ashley Langford said...

The main area (where your posts are) is 450 pixels wide. That means whatever you post, it cannot be wider than that. The Thursday Thirteen and You Tube entries are wider than the 450 pixels. For IE users, this will cause the main area to float beneath everything. You need to either change the code to accommodate wider entries, change templates altogether, limit whatever you post to 450 pixels, or forgot about IE users and let them scroll.

Hide the You Tube thing and have Holly and Theresa look and it should be fine.

Good Luck!

Leslie said...

Yes, I see a blank space at the top. I know this happened to me once. Don't know what I did to fix it. Probably the same way I try to fix most electronics--close my eyes and start pressing buttons. Sometimes I chant.

No, it doesn't work.

But it helps me feel like I've done my part.

Ashley Langford said...


It happens because something in your post exceeded the width for the main column.

Since you’re seeing the space, you can see how this entry will have the space:

And this one does not:


The code for this design template sets the column to 450 pixels, but the Zoo entry has width of 600 pixels. Since the Zoo post is the third from the bottom, it’s probably going to the archives soon and the problem will fix itself (since it won’t be on the homepage). This is probably what happened to you. It will show up again next time there is a picture or video file wider than 450px.

Hope that helps you understand what’s going on. It’s like a puzzle. I like figuring stuff like this out.

Ashley Langford said...


You're actually having the same problem on your website -

Since Robin's link area is on the left, it's her content that's way at the bottom. For you, your link area and navigation are way down there. I looked in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP.

Your "Grandad" post looks like the culprit.

Grace & Peace

Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

Yeah a huge blank space is there. I use internet explorer.

Leslie said...


(Sorry Robin, for taking over your blog for my blog problems :). But I'm thankful to you and Ashley for bringing this up. Honestly, I didn't even notice my menus had "disappeared" until you said something.

Anyway, thanks to both. It is fixed now. I found I could adjust the size of Granddad's letter like any other item I might paste into a word document.