Monday, February 06, 2006

Mini Vacation In Chicago

Terry and I returned home from Chicago yesterday. It was a heavily anticipated weekend trip with our friends Greg and Richelle. For two days, I was able to eat warm meals uninterrupted, visit with friends and connect with Terry. We walked and talked--and shopped along Michigan Avenue. It renewed the wife in me and the mom in me. I came home with a new sense of what God needed me to really work on in regards to our family life and the way the house is run daily. And, of course, I missed the girls like crazy!

The original plan was to go to Chicago and see INXS. This was Terry's Christmas present from me. But when we couldn't get tickets (sold out in pre-sale) we decided to go anyway. All was not lost as we did run into one of the members of INXS--no, I don't know his name--at Walgreens. He was the one who always said, "You're just not right for our band, INXS." on the show. I had to get a pair of earmuffs. Man, it was cold! But, I digress. We saw him and said Hi, and then tried not to act like crazy fans and just left him alone to do his shopping. What I really wanted to do was, #1--get on my knees and beg him for any ticket he could get us or #2--follow him and see where the whole band was staying! Since none of us are crazy teenagers anymore, we did neither. Yours truly even had her camera in her pocket the whole time. You will notice I have not posted a picture since I didn't take one. Nuts, I know.

None the less, we had an amazing time. I had my first pizza pie and am guessing that I will crave them forever more. So, I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!


Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

Glad you had a great weekend.

Swingdancin said...

Sounds totally awesome!!!

theresa said...

Wish we could of been there!

The Sweet Diva said...

It was a wonderful trip! Thanks for letting us tag-along!!!

Don't forget about Greg asking what's his name "Are you ready to rock tonight" and Tim Farris said "ye, how bout you mate". SO FUN!!!! Where the heck was JD, that's what I want to know!