Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Matador

Before you go to see "The Matador", let me warn you. It has got to be one of the most foul movies I have ever seen. Granted, I don't see much of what is out there, but it was bad. We wanted to catch a flick while in Chicago, and the theatre we ended up in didn't have many choices that someone in our group hadn't already seen or didn't want to see. In general, I like Pierce Brosnan, so I suggested this one. What a mistake.

We left not too far into the movie because of the horrid language and gratuitous sex. I saw an interview with Mr. Brosnan on Fox 4 morning news one day and he discussed what he thought was the most embarrassing scene for him. (He was walking across a hotel lobby in his undies and boots.) I left the movie thinking, "That was your most embarrassing scene to film?"

Anyhoo, don't waste your time or money. I did ask if we could get our money back, but no such luck. Lesson learned.


Stephanie said...

I always check here or here before we see a movie. That way there are no surprises! They are great sites to check out.

Robin said...

In our defense, no one brought a computer with them! Although, it was so last min, I'm not sure we would have had the chance to check. I did read one of the reviews, and the movie's comparison to Sideways alone would have kept me from seeing it.

Heather said...

I'm surprised they didn't give you your money back. I've walked out before and got mine back.