Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I was in Sam Moon today picking up a few accessories and Reia had to go to the bathroom. As I was keeping an eye on her and Reese, who doesn't like to stay still for long, I realized she was just, well, sitting there. So, I hurried her up nicely and we walked out as another woman did whose kids were in their 30's. (She told me so.)

She commented on how this time was so precious and I needed to really enjoy it. I assured her I did, and although I love to have time to myself, I miss the girls within 3 minutes of them being out of my sight.

Here was her response:

"When they are little they step on your toes. When they grow up they step on your heart."

So here is my question. Do you think she meant that in a "All kids grow up and make choices you would rather them not, but they still love you" kind of way or, "My kids don't even talk to me anymore" kind of way.

The former I am preparing myself for, the latter--not so much. I just don't know what to make of it. How about you?


Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

I would think "All kids grow up and make choices you would rather them not, but they still love you"

Addie said...

I agree. I think she meant the first one you said. Even now there are times as they are getting older and making there own decisions that my heart (if not heartbroken) can feel a little tight. The slow disengagement process is all up to them and rarely us. They are deciding with each passing year to become a little more independent.

And perhaps her children have stepped on her heart quite a bit. Not all kids are so "clumsy". :-)

JLo said...

I think she meant one should really only ever listen to parenting advice from people that are truly qualified to give parenting advice and share your same value and belief system.

PEZmama said...

I kinda have to agree with Jlo. (Never thought I'd hear myself say that...)

But seriously. I am the sort who shies away from taking any lessons from "sayings" that people simply throw out. They don't necessarily mean anything. And, if they aren't scriptural, I don't think it is worth trying to figure out. Even if you knew what she meant, there is no telling if it will come to pass anyway.

Recently at a MOPS meeting one of our discussion quesions included a quote of a little rhyming ditty, then went on to ask why it was important.

My first thought was "Is it important? Someone made it up!"

Now, what Scripture has to say about that question may be more what you are getting at. But there, I can't say that I know! Sorry.

Lori Bailey said...

I think she was referring to the constant push-pull of motherhood. You know...we yearn for some time to ourselves and then we want them as close to us as possible. I think any time a child grows up and leaves home, he takes a piece of his mother's heart with him, thereby "stepping" on it - which sounds a lot better than "first they break your toes and then they break your heart," or "first they take your toes and then they take your heart." I think it was just a statement that requires a bit of poetic license.