Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Got Milk?

At Reese's last checkup, her pediatrician suggested we put her on organic milk that is hormone free. No problem. So, we started buying Horizon. The only real problem is that Horizon is double the price of regular milk--if you buy generic, which I do. I looked for alternatives and have found my answer at Braum's.

Not only is Braum's milk just as good, if not better than most of the organics out there, it is less expensive that even the generic brand I was buying! How fabulous is that. I was discussing Braum's milk with a friend of mine and she told me she called Braum's to find out why the label didn't note it was organic--or just flat out nutritionally superior. They told her it takes 10 or more years to get through all of the FDA red tape so they could label it as such. So, they just leave it.

So, if you have a Braum's near you, give it a shot. Even their fat free milk is very creamy and delicious!


Addie said...

I Love it when you can do something healthy/good for your family and do it cheaper than what you were doing. (Does that make any sense?!?)

Unfortunately there's no Braum's near here! You made the fat free milk sound so yummy! Any other good deals you find...keep throwing 'em our way! :)

Leslie said...

okay. We buy organic milk and I'm not really big into organic type stuff, but the organic milk does taste better. Anyway, we buy Organic Valley because it is cheaper than the Horizon brand. So if you don't have a Braum's close by, that might be an option. But I'm curious, why did your pediatrian suggest organic?

Robin said...

The hormones in the regular milk was causing her to "develop" a little much in the breast area. She did drink over 32oz of milk at that time too. So, I'm sure the sheer volume she took in also had something to do with it.