Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Well, it's been several weeks of people in and out of the house to install this, fix that, update the other. Our internet is now working properly and I have a phone again! Yahoo! So, my plan is to blog at least once a week and more if the mood or topic hits me.

Again, we are enjoying city live immensely and the girls seem to like it to. I was surprised at how well Reia adjusted to her new room. I'm sure the pink walls and princess decor helped her be a little more excited; although, she still occasionally asks to go see her old room.

The girls and I have been driving around just checking out where every thing is over the past week. No only do we have a Target less than a mile away, but a Kohl's is opening right next to it in February.

Life is indeed good! Tee hee!


michelle said...

Every mom needs a Target less than a mile away. Starbucks as well. It should be a law or something..Michelle

Swingdancin said...

Cool! sounds awesome!!

PEZmama said...

glad you are back and that things are going so well!

Kristie Vinson said...

Is Reia still making her bed everyday? She is just too cute! I enjoyed seeing the house. You guys too of course. Miss you around these parts though. :(

theresa said...

Can't wait to be back in the saddle too!

Kristina P (Live Each Moment) said...

Hey, I ran across your site and love it. Do you mind if I link you to my website? I mean from my site? I am making a section for Christian Mommy Blogs.