Sunday, December 04, 2005


Well, my house looks like the Grinch as been here and taken it all. Instead of Christmas decorations and lights, we have bare walls and boxes. I am looking forward to going to my mom's house for three weeks and enjoying some of the "holiday-ness"(yeah, I know, not a word) that feels missing right now. Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! I will be more so in one week.


Addie said...

Cute analogy! Hope this doesn't steal too much of your christmas fun.

praynlady said...

Robin, I was tickled to read the last few posts. I have been so busy moving myself that I have not had time to post or read my favs. We are in between the two houses which are 4.5 miles apart. Our Christmas decos and tree are at the other house and we plan on sleeping there Christmas Eve. We will not be totally moved until the end of January but are doing it slowly due to my handicaps! haha Paul is having to do most of the work himself and he is also helping his mom and dad move OUT so that we can move IN! Pain in the buttocks, let me tell you! Have a wonderful Christmas with your mom and good luck with the naps! God, I'd love one about now! Kaylee is suffering with re-occuring ear infections. I am sooooooooo sleepy!
God Bless,