Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Too Much

Okay, after packing up most of the "little things" in our house, I have concluded we have too much stuff. I am a kitchen gadget junkie. We packed quite a bit of it in the initial packing stage, and I pulled the rest of it out today so I could wipe down the cabinets and drawers. And, I really can't believe how much stuff I have.

I have an apple peeler/corer/ slicer. I also have an apple/corer/slicer that is smaller for single apple jobs. I have about 30 pampered chef stones. I use about 3 all the time; 7 others once or twice a month and the others hardly ever. What else--2 pizza cutters, several ice cream dippers, several sets of knives, and a bazillion other little things. (Love the word bazillion, don't ya?!) I haven't even mentioned the amount I have already given away or thrown away. A set of dishes, glasses, wok, bread machine, 2 mixers, another set of knives....etc.

I know I am blessed. A blessed pack rat at that. I keep thinking about all fo the people who have nothing. I want to take Reia and show her how little they have and how we should be on our knees in gratitude every day for all that God allows us to have. We can do with so much less, and aren't made to.

So there you have it. My observation for the day. Packing is a totaly pain in the rump. Kinda wish I had less stuff; but because of God's generosity on our family and that I rarely throw anything away, that may never happen.

P.S. I'm not asking for God to take away all of my worldly possessions, by the way.


2kidsandtheUSN said...

It is so funny how I came across your blog. I searched on MSN for the Hanna Anderson website and accidentally clicked your blog site that talked about Hanna Anderson. Then I started wondering where I was and how did this lady feel the same way about Hanna Anderson. I then noticed you live in Texas which I am from. Then I noticed you have 2 girls and one of their names is Reese which so do I and then come to find out their birthday is one day and one year off. Mine little ones birthday is Nov 4 2003. Then I found todays blog which spoke of you moving which I do on a regular basis because of the Navy. I just thought it was so funny to come across your blog and to have so much in comon. Your new house looks cute by the way. I have never even read a blog before and all this encouraged me to sign up. Take care

Anonymous said...

It is funny that you advertise your husband to be a man of God and then to be so vain to go on and on about yourself and coyly brag about your materialism. Perhaps a good psychotherapist may be in order to find out why a woman with such a wonderful life and marriage seeks such attention. Do you actually take yourself seriously?

Anonymous said...

do you always erase the negatives? I guess reality is to much

Robin said...

I really wasn't trying to brag. I guess I was just a little overwhelmed at the time by all that was going on. I don't know who you are, but if I truly offend you, you are welcome to visit another site. I really just do this to keep up with friends and have fun!

Also, I never delete anything--I don't know how actually. So, I'm not sure what happened to your post previously. This is the first I have seen of it.

Have a great day!