Monday, December 12, 2005


We finally had Reese's First Birthday Party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She had a great time eating the cake and playing with her cousins. Posted by Picasa


Stephanie said...

That's an awful big cake for a little girl! Does she need any help eating it? I'm available!!!

I love birthday parties!

Hope it was fun for her and you too!

Robin said...

Well, we get our cakes at Costco. They only come in one size for $15 and taste better than most fancy store ones I have had! We did manage to eat it all!

Leslie said...

Robin, she is just the cutest! For their one year, I thought that we, the moms, were the ones that really deserved the party. Then I realized that we really deserved the party the year we went through potty training.

theresa said...

Tell her we said HB and I was just checking out the house one last time.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday with the fam - as we will have none with us.