Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Utterly Appalled

The girls and I were in Wal-mart today to get a few things we needed. As we were leaving a man wearing a shirt with President Bush and VP Cheney on it walked by. The shirt read..."Meet the F***ers"---in really big pink letters.

I am all for free speech, but it bothered me that if my kids could read, I would have had to explain that. Okay, so maybe I not for all free speech. I don't care what he thinks about the President, but can't he voice his opinion without polluting the minds of children with profanity? I didn't say anything. I'm not to quick with the come around. Although I will probably think of plenty of witty things I could have said before it's all done. Kind of a Monday morning quarterback thing I guess.


Ben said...

There was a story last week that a woman wearing the same shirt was wearing the shirt on a Southwest airplane and was asked to remove it, turn it inside out or cover it. She put on a jacket and left it open for people to see. She is filing a lawsuit against Southwest for violating her freedom of speech. Being able to cuss is NOT freedom of speech. I'm sure this is not what the founding fathers had in mind.

addiea said...

I hate this kind of thing. You know I think both sides of politics have some pretty valid points. And of course you don't have to approve of any president or the choices they make. But it's just ridiculous some of the things that people force on us in the name of "free speech".

Don't worry about not saying anything though. There was nothing that you could have said that would have made an impact. He probably would have wore it all the more because he upset you. He's also obviously angry and would have yelled at you or said something awful to you in front of your girls. :)

Susie said...

I find your experience appalling too. My kids can read and it is not fun when you have to explain why grown-ups do the things they do. My kids and I usually don't say anything to people who offend us, but we always try to immediately pray for them. It's hard to be sure your kids are protected from what they see at all times and I think it can be good teaching moments when things like this occur.