Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Three Things

Okay, I have two things I pay for that I don't need to and one thing I can't do without. The thing I can't do without is my crockpot. There is nothing like throwing a bunch of ingredients in in the am and having it ready by 6pm without much other effort.

The other two things are: those little pre-soaped baby washcloths that you toss after one use. When I first saw them I thought they were the most ridiculous thing I had come across. But, I got some as a baby gift and LOVED them. They really are terrific and handy and easy to use.

The other thing would be the little pre-filled cubes of dishwashing liquid for the dishwasher. I am sure I pay way more per load with those than I do the regular squeeze out of the bottle kind, BUT Reia loves to start the dishwasher now and it allows her to get the right amount every time.

Okay, just had to share my tidbit for the day.

**The spellcheck on blogspot craks me up. It didn't recognize crockpot and wanted to replace it with crackpot. Too funny!


dljordan said...

You can download the Blogger for Word now. It uses a little bit better spell checker :)

Wen said...

I'm with you on the crockpot! I made beef stew on Sunday to celebrate our first cool snap here in PA. Ahhh it was SO very yummy!

I've turned my frugal nose up at those baby cloths and the dishwasher gel thingies too... good to know they are worth the extra pennies!