Saturday, October 15, 2005


There are so many wonderful things about being a mom--so much joy and laughter, hugs and kisses, happiness and smiles. However, sometimes moms have to do the most unpleasant jobs. Tonight was a perfect example.

We decided to go over to the McMasters to spend some playtime since both of our hubbies were out. The girls always have a fabulous time together and tonight was no exception. On our way home Reia was complaining that her finger hurt. I told her it had to wait until we got home since I didn't see anything--particularly blood.

When we pulled in and I looked at her finger I saw two splinters. Of course they looked like logs on her little finger. I made a mental game plan. I told her to watch a little tv so I could get Reese into bed. There was no way I could deal with both of them; when Reia cries or screams, Reese chimes right in.

It went downhill pretty fast. I had to physically restrain her while listening to her pleading for me to stop. I was breaking my heart that I knew it was going to hurt, and I was the one who was going to make it feel worse even if it was for a second. She was screaming so loudly and in such a morose manner, I was truly surprised that the police didn't show up for a domestic abuse call.

I finally pried her sweet little finger open and said a quick prayer. I knew I only had one shot. I couldn't hold her any longer than that. Here we go! One quick pull and out it came. We looked at it for a long time. Now it seemed so small and insignificant.

Amazing how this so relates to our own lives with God. We have these big huge splinters(problems). They are often painful and even more so when dealt with; but, once we stop squirming and allow Him to take control, we feel so much better. Then we look back later at what seemed like this huge log and it suddenly seems smaller.

Now, we just have the second one to deal with. I think I will wait on reinforcements to come home first!


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