Tuesday, October 25, 2005

SAHM Tip #4--Pick Up a Book

I know, I know. You barely have time to squeeze in a QT let alone, read another book. But, I what I have found is that there are so many wonderful Christian moms who have been there and done that, who graciously share their wisdom in books.

I have gotten so many great ideas for creative discipline, ways to organize my home, ways to pray for Terry, meal planning, and encouragement when I don't really want to pick up another sock or wash another dish from these mom/writers.

So, if you haven't taken time to read something for yourself lately, I would love to recommend some authors to you. Please take the time for yourself in this area. Even if you only get 15 minutes a day. I promise it will make you a better wife and mom!

Sally Clarkson--anything by her is wonderful and inspiring. She encourages me to be a servant leader every day so my children will do the same some day.

Lisa Whelchel--she has wonderful wisdom and is just funny

Karol Ladd--Power of the Positive _______(fill in the blank). She has several. They are all good. She also has some good stuff on creating fun times with the family.

Gigi Schweikert

These are a few that I have recently read to get you started. They all have multiple books. Check one out from the library, or just order from Amazon. I have a small mountain of books next to my bed that I am working on! Let me know what you pick and how you like it.


PaminMD said...

Another great author is Elizabeth George. She has several books for women and a bible study series as well. BTW, I love your site.

Robin said...

You are absolutely right! Thanks. If anyone else has one to share, please do so.

hcreek7 said...

As a mom of five, finding time to read a book can be quite a challenge. One of the ways I found time was to keep a book in my bathroom. You know that oasis in the middle of the house where the kids need to learn to give you privacy (please help them learn this early!). You can steal a few moments and read a page or two, and hopefully you make a couple of trips a day. :0) That makes 3 or 4 pages a day and a whole book by the end of a month (or two if it is long). Sometimes just getting started in a book will get you hooked and you will find some other times in the week that you can savor it as well. Reading about other moms' experiences can help keep your creative solutions "stash" refreshed.

Thanks for letting me know about your blog, sweetie. It's fun checking in on you more often! :0P

Susie said...

I love Elizabeth Geoge books too! I think she has an amazing way of giving worth to stay at home moms and she has really challenged me to work towards that Proverbs 31 ideal woman. I love Liana George's book Organization Transformation. It is a short bible study that brings to light the reason why we need to be organized as women. Carol Kent is an awesome author too. Thanks for your recent reads. I look forward to trying some of them out.