Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday Weigh In #4

I feel pretty good this week. Notice I didn't say "skinnier", but good!

Lost: 1.5 lbs
Aerobic: 3 days of walk/run 3miles; I missed two days of walking only
Muscle: Still waiting for my Firm DVD's
Food: About average. I didn't eat fantastic each day, but pretty good every day except Labor Day (Thanks again to Richelle for my Birthday Cookies)

Okay, I bared my soul. How did you guys do?


Anonymous said...

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Addie said...

I'm thinking that none of the previous comments from anonymous people have lost any weight! Well perhaps the female escorts don't need to! ;)Gotta love spam!

I've lost 1lb. this week. My eating was at about a 7 this week so it's improved.

Still not doing regular excercise but more work on our house so that counts a little. I hope everyone else had a great week.

Robin said...

I really hate this anonymous crapla. Can you keep anonymous commenters off? I can't seem to figure out how. If you know please let me know!


Leslie said...

Glad to know the female escort service is "weighing in" on wednesday as well. Maybe they will be able to offer some good dieting advice.

I lost about a pound.
I lifted weights twice
I did cardio for 2 hours total, but I helped move furniture and clean apartments for hurricane victims on Saturday, so I think that should count for something.

And I will STILL continue to read your blog. I enjoy knowing other moms go through the same things I go through.

Donnie Davis said...

A couple of things that may help with the spam on Blogger are:
Go to your settings tab and click on comments: This will reveal your settings for allowing comments. If you have anyone selected beside "Who can Comment" This allows everyone and anyone.

Before keeping everyone out by seleting "Only Registered users" you may want create "Show word verification for comments?" Click on the ? and you will get an explanation of how this works. At least this will prevent all automated services from posting comments on your blog.

Regina Daniels said...

...Robin you may be able to delete certain "comments" from your blog and some blog services give you the option to 'approve comments' BEFORE they get posted to the public. What Donnie said was a great workaround, too. Spam...what a way to ruin a good thing!

praynlady said...

Congratulations to those of you who are doing so well. I have been praying for you all.
I lost 2 pounds, which is incredible cuz it's been a depressing week for me. THAT TIME and a friend died, Ian's birthday and so on and so on....blah blah...
Anyways, my eating was about a 4. It wasn't that I ate good food, I just really didn't eat much at all.
I didn't get approval for excersise yet but did get approval for the stationary bike, now I just have to find one to borrow. I wonder if I could ride and type at the same time? I need a wireless keyboard! haha Good luck and see you gals next week if not before.
Addie, it's been great to see you over at my site. Thanks for the gracious comments.

Tori said...


You can keep anonymous users from commenting on your blog. Log in to blogger. Click on your blog. Go to the SETTINGS tab. Then go to the COMMENTS tab. There is a line that reads "WHO CAN COMMENT". You probably have it set to allow ANYONE, change it to REGISTERED USERS ONLY.
Hope this helps! Have a great day