Monday, September 12, 2005

The Traveling Sickness

Well, this all started Friday night when Reia came to my room announcing there was "mud" in her bed. As I said, "What?" and rolled over to check it out, all I could smell was...chocolate? She had thrown up the chocolate chip cookies she and Kamryn had enjoyed earlier that evening. At first I figured she had eaten way more than I had given her permission to, and was now paying the price. However, when she started vomiting every 30-45 minutes until 6:00 a.m.--I knew we were about to all be in for it. And we were.

Not only did I only sleep 45 min that night, but I got about an hour the next night because I was in full throws with the stomach flu. One of the joys of parenthood. If the kids get it, a mother will also. Love and comfort comes at a cost I suppose. Anyway, it hit Terry yesterday about 6 p.m. I slept in Reia's room on her trundle last night to keep away from any more germs, and to get some sleep. Three nights in a row might throw me over the edge.

So, please throw up (no pun intended) a little prayer that sweet little Reese doesn't get this. It would break my heart since there really is no way to relieve the traveling sickness; it just has to work its way out.


Addie said...
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Addie said...

And why do these things always happen on the weekend right before you are so busy?

I hope the baby didn't get it, it's always so hard to see their little bodies get sick.

Leslie said...

we seem to be on the same schedule! Actually, My kids got sick Thursday. Anyway, we all had it! I was sick Friday (so I took the day off) and then Eric got sick Saturday afternoon. Yuck!

praynlady said...

Well, you guys, I am really sorry to hear that you've been sharing germs, but if you don't mind, could you keep it up there in your neck of the woods. I am up to my eyeballs in evacuees and have no time for belly aching! heehee (meant with love, by the way) I hope you are all well now and it has "passed" quickly for you. I will be sure to "blow some chuncks" of prayer upwards on your behalves.
Addie, don't breathe around them! You could be a target!
God bless you guys and get well soon.

Robin said...

Hummm..."this post has been removed by the author". Does that mean author of the comment or the blog? I don't even know how to do that! Thanks for the prayers. Reese didn't get it! Yea! and we are all on our way to better.