Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Well, my birthday has come and gone another year. I usually try to celebrate in grand style, but this year we have had so much going on that the 4th came and went without much hullabaloo. We had plans to go over to Greg and Richelle Bacus' house for the holiday. Little did I know that she and my sweet hubby had cooked up a party surprise!

When I walked in I commented on how great and festive everything looked--right down to the cookies that read "Happy Birthday Robin" on them. After a second (or two) I realized it was for me! Yea! How Fun! We had a great afternoon with friends, bar-b-q, and Richelle's fantastic cookies.

Thanks Terry and Richelle!

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Robin said...

I'm not sure why the date below my post reads the 1st as I just wrote this last night.