Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oops! Wedneday Weigh In on Thursday

Sorry, we just weren't home yesterday.

Lost: None--which I can't believe considering the amount I threw up with the stomach flu. Oh well!
Aerobic and Muscle--did nothing this past week on either
Food: not too bad. I really didn't eat all weekend because of being sick

Right now I am watching Paula Deen make Italian food the southern way. Who wants to eat healthy now? I just want the dishes she is making. I may be gaining weight just looking at it.


mommyofangels said...

Lost: Don't know.. didn't weigh in.
Food: Good, just one helping.
Exercise: Doesn't cleaning my entire house count.

I did get a compliment yesterday that I look alot thinner. So I guess I'm doing something right.

holdenon said...

Lost: 0.4 pounds as of last Wednesday. I think it would be more since I weighed in right after lunch----bbq too!
Food: Giving up heavy starches like white bread and sugar. Feeling better already about that decision.
Exercise: One day on my elliptical. I thought about it a lot, though!

Feeling better every day though the baby weight is slow to come off!

holdenon said...

weighed in today at WW.
lost: 3.6# for a total of nearly 12# since I decided to start watching what I ate. That is really awesome for me! Giving up bread and sugar isn't so bad.
Food: tried to make healthy decisions though I think buffalo chicken fingers and fried pickles would not count! OOOPS!!! It is all about the choices.
Exercise: Since I seem to rely on you to keep me moving, I would say "not so much!" (hee hee)